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Claudia Schiffer: For her 17th birthday she shows her daughter Clementine

Claudia Schiffer
For her 17th birthday she shows her daughter Clementine

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Claudia Schiffer largely keeps her private life out of the public eye. She hardly ever shows her children. For the 17th birthday of her daughter Clementine, she is now making an exception and posting a photo of the pretty teen on Instagram.

With Claudia Schiffer, 51, Clementine has one of the most beautiful women in the world as a mother. Does that intimidate you? Obviously not! The photo that the supermodel posts on Instagram shows a self-confident and beautiful young lady who goes by the extraordinary name Clementine, nickname: Clemmie.

Claudia Schiffer shows her pretty teenage daughter

Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, a sweet pout – Clementine Vaughn is an image of her mother. Claudia Schiffer posted a rare photo on Instagram for her daughter’s 17th birthday. Otherwise, the supermodel tends to keep her children out of the public eye. “Young and sweet, only 17”, writes Claudia Schiffer about the recording, quoting the ABBA song “Dancing Queen” and at the same time congratulating her daughter on her special day. There’s also a sweet compliment. “Beautiful from the outside and inside,” adds the 51-year-old.

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Clementine is linked in the picture, so she also has her own Instagram account. However, it is set to private. The teen apparently wants to protect his privacy. Perhaps it is also a requirement of Mama Claudia that Clementine may only appear in public when she is of legal age?

Does Clementine Avoid the Public?

Whether it’s an instruction from mom or her own decision – Clemmie doesn’t seem too much into the limelight. Under the post she writes: “Love you mom. Thank you.” And gives your comment two monkey emojis that cover each other. The 17-year-old seems uncomfortable getting so much attention. And she is certain of that. Her picture now has over 17,000 likes, in the comments many express their enthusiasm for the young lady, but also compliment Claudia Schiffer. One writes: “So cute! It’s great to see a loving mother-daughter relationship.”

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