Britney is free: Judge dissolves guardianship of Spears


Britney is free. A Los Angeles judge ended the guardianship she has controlled on Friday Britney Spears life and money for almost 14 years.

Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny’s decision culminated a five-month odyssey in which Spears publicly demanded the end of the guardianship; hired his own attorney, had his father removed from his remaining control, and was finally free to make his own medical, financial and personal decisions for the first time since 2008.

Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny was expected to make this decision and there was little support left for the existing legal settlement. But Penny did not give clear signals on what her decision would be. Even earlier this year it seemed that the guardianship could last for years. Then the changes came with surprising speed.

One of the keys to the change of direction was a speech Spears gave during a hearing in June in which she passionately described the restrictions and scrutiny on her life as “abusive” measures.



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