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A type-appropriate moisturizer forms the basis of every good beauty routine. Their importance should therefore not be underestimated. GALA has summarized everything you should know about the basics of your facial care.

Nothing works without a good moisturizer! Because without them we don’t have to worry about the right serum, a beauty treatment in the salon or other applications. As the basis of every beauty treatment, our moisturizing cream has the essential task of providing our facial skin – the name says it all – with sufficient moisture and strengthening and protecting it against the stress of everyday life. Quite a lot for a single product? Yes, but with the right choice it’s not a problem.

Moisturizer: Which Is The Best?

The question of the best moisturizer is not an easy one to answer. Because, as is well known, there are many different skin types – from oily to extremely dry. Accordingly, we also need a wide variety of products to meet the needs of our skin and to provide it with the necessary care substances. A look at the ingredients of our favorite Moisturizer is therefore a must before buying. You can find out which cream suits your skin type here.

Which cream for extremely dry facial skin?

Anyone who suffers from very dry skin should do so Main focus on the fat content his Moisturizer lie. If the cream is not rich enough, you can often cream and cream and cream – the ingredients will not be enough to give your skin what it needs. Lighter creams do without oils and fats and rely on moisture and mattifying ingredients – good for oily or combination skin; bad for you and your dry skin.

Make sure, however, that your Moisturizer does not have a high alcohol content. A look at the list of ingredients tells us. As always, the following applies here: the further up the ingredient – in this case the alcohol – is listed, the greater its proportion in the overall product. Instead of alcohol should be in your care prefer valuable oils for dry skin, for example jojoba or argan oil, are at the top of the list. Avocados and apricots are also highly recommended not only as food, but also as part of your cosmetic products.

Combination skin – oily and dry in one

A pronounced combination skin certainly poses the greatest challenge to a good one Moisturizer Because while the so-called T-zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin, quickly shows a clear shine, the rest of the facial skin tends to be dry. Nevertheless, if you have combination skin, you should avoid oils and fats as the main ingredients as far as possible. Instead, rely on hyaluron and nettles. Hyaluron supports the moisture storage, while nettles ensure that your sebum glands do not work unnecessarily at full speed.

Tip: If you have the feeling that your combination skin is very pronounced, you can also use different products for the respective T-zone. The best thing to do then is to use one, depending on which problem you rate as “worse” Cream for combination skin for the face as a whole and an extra rich care for the dry areas or a product especially for oily skin in the area of ​​the T-zone.

Oily skin: You don’t have to have a shine as a constant companion

While dry skin that is tight or itchy is particularly uncomfortable for you, people with oily skin are more likely to feel a certain shame towards other people. Because apart from the fact that oily, shiny skin feels just as uncomfortable, it is primarily the appearance that bothers you. Dabbing the skin with a handkerchief or blotting papers, powdering it or constantly washing your face with make-up – there is no real permanent solution. Top priority one Moisturizer for oily skin is therefore: matting, not greasing too much, protecting against impurities and still caring for it.

If you suffer from oily skin, you should therefore use light products, such as one Moisturizing care in gel form, water-based or on a light serum. You should also make sure that the moisturizer does not contain any oils. A good indicator is always the light texture of such a cream, which can be spread without problems and is quickly absorbed. Recommended ingredients are, for example, hyaluronic acid or lactic acid.

What can be done against blemished skin, pimples and blackheads?

Oily skin does not necessarily result in blemished skin, but very often. A condition that we certainly all want to avoid. If your skin regularly shows blackheads and pimples, we recommend that you concentrate on special products to avoid those impurities not only when cleaning your facial skin, but also when choosing your moisturizer.

Unfortunately, many such products rely on too high an alcohol content. Although this is quite effective against fat, on the other hand it is also very irritating to the skin and can thus lead to “new” problems. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic ingredients or salicylic acid are advisable in your Moisturizer.

Sensitive skin needs additional support

If your skin is irritated or if it simply reacts very strongly to environmental influences or improper care, then caution is advised. There is one thing above all for sensitive skin: it must not be overwhelmed. Too many ingredients, too high an alcohol content in care products or perfumes can cause the skin to react unsightly and unpleasant.

Therefore, it is better to use special ones The productthat focus on few components concentrate and not stress your skin unnecessarily. In contrast, ingredients that soothe – such as chamomile – are welcome and help your sensitive skin to defend itself against external adversities.

Moisturizer For Damaged Skin? But yes!

You can also get a Moisturizer do good service. Most important helper: aloe vera. This wonder plant combines the best properties. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, helps with cell regeneration and contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

The right care for mature skin

When we get older at some point, our skin and its needs naturally also change. Because with age, the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity; the Moisturizer must inevitably richer will. In addition, we are of course also happy if we can postpone one or the other small wrinkle a little longer. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are then downright indispensable and also Retinol supports you with a firm, radiant complexion.

What to consider when using a moisturizer

There is actually not much to consider when applying a moisturizer. It is only important that it is always used in the morning and in the evening after a thorough facial cleansing and that you choose a product that is appropriate for your skin type.

You should pay attention to these points as much as possible:

  • Before buying a moisturizer, think about what your skin needs and whether its needs may have changed in the meantime. A good example is a change in hormones caused by pregnancy, for example. Your previous favorite product may no longer be suitable after a hormonal change.
  • If you have any questions or questions about your skin, it is best to seek advice from a dermatologist and possibly have a skin analysis carried out.
  • When it comes to moisturizers, the motto “less is more” usually applies. Too many ingredients can quickly overwhelm the skin and cause irritation, blemishes and other problems.
  • Water-based moisturizers in particular often contain preservatives to ward off germs. Those who want to avoid preservatives – which is definitely advisable – rely on cream dispensers instead of jars. If there is no dispenser bottle to choose from, you should ensure that the crucible size is as small as possible. Ideally, both germs and preservatives can be avoided.

What do you even need a moisturizer for?

Under “normal” circumstances, moisturizers would be totally unnecessary. Our skin is naturally equipped in such a way that it knows how to take care of itself. Indeed Due to various environmental influences, the moisture balance of our skin can become unbalanced. In addition to free radicals, to which our epidermis, which actually regulates the water storage of our skin, is constantly exposed, it is above all different temperatures that cause our skin to create. Heat and sunbeams or bitter cold and heated air – neither the one nor the other weather situation can affect our skin particularly well. So if our natural moisture protection has wavered a little, it is time to help.

And of course, our age also plays a role when it comes to moisturizing our skin. As we already mentioned: the older we get, the more our skin inevitably loses its elasticity and moisture. This is a completely natural process, but here too the motto is: help out. Because dry skin in particular can become uncomfortable. At first it may be just a little bit tight, but over time it may become itchy, flaky or even cracked skin. However, this can easily be counteracted with good facial care.

Have you got a taste for it? Serums, masks and co.

Have you pampered your skin with a good moisturizer and now want to add one more? Then treat yourself and your skin to a little extra round of spa treatment: with one Hyaluronic acid– or Retinolserumthat is bursting with good ingredients, a beneficial one maskthat clarifies or moisturizes, a facial peeling for a rosy complexion or even a microdermabrasion treatment with your own device for at home, which lets you immerse yourself in new spheres of beauty. You will feel like Cleopatra taking a bath in milk – simply divine!

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