Where do you get that kind of clothes hahaha Somi surprised people who went to work in the SBS lobby in a red dress [문명특급 EP.220]


Somi, an extrovert who turned Mokdong SBS into SNL in an instant

Are you getting more and more exhausted because of your recovery?

Kim Jong Kook, can you come over for a moment?


Planning / Hyeon-jong Ha / Composition of Eun-jae Lee / Eun-jae Lee, Kyu-hee Lee Filming / Ji-yeon Kim, Ahn Ye-na Simultaneous Recording / Drawing the Sound Brand Design / Ha-kyung Kim CG / Ha-kyung Kim, Han-sol Kim Intern / Hyun-hong Park, Dasom Lee, Mi-na Lim Administration / Mi-rim Park Marketing / Yu-jin Kim Subtitles / Assistant Director Won-jin Editing / Han-joo Oh Directed by Hye-min Kim / Produced by Min-ji Hong / SBS Digital News Lab Creative Division

(SBS Subs News)


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