We have secured the number of elements… Posco continues to worry about logistics crisis


Although the government announced that it had secured three months’ worth of urea for vehicles, POSCO and the local auto parts industry, which have to deal with a large amount of logistics, still feel a sense of crisis. POSCO Pohang Works transports an average of 18,000 tons of steel products per day by freight trucks, and there is a great deal of concern about the logistics disruption.

Reporter Park Young-hoon reports.

This is the hot-rolled coil shipping area of ​​POSCO Pohang Works.

A large crane is in full swing to load the finished coil onto a 25 ton truck.

From here alone, an average of 400 to 500 trucks a day transport products across the country.

[화물차 기사 : (요소수를) 돈 줘도 못 사니까 운행을 못 하잖아요. 안 되지 이래서는. 미리미리 준비를 해야 하는데. 지금 주유소 가도 요소수 없어서 (주입 못 하고) 그냥 간다니까.]

There are no trucks that have stopped operating yet, but as the shortage of urea water continues, the drivers are burned out.

In the case of POSCO Pohang Works, land transportation accounts for 60% of the total.

If the urea water crisis prolongs, a major setback in the transportation of steel products is inevitable.

The average daily shipment volume of products at Pohang Works is 30,000 tons, and if land transportation is stopped, 18,000 tons of steel products, which account for 60% of the total shipment volume, will be stranded.

We found a shipping company that transports POSCO’s steel products nationwide.

Except for old trucks, there are about 25 vehicles that require urea water, but if fundamental measures are not taken, the suspension of operation is only a matter of time.

[최항목/철강 운송사 운송사업팀장 : 지금 상황도 녹록하지 않은 편인데, 근근이 운송하면서 조금 조금씩 (요소수를) 채워가고 있는데 만약 이 사태가 길어진다면 엄청난 문제가 발생하겠죠.]

Auto parts makers in Gyeongju also caught fire in their feet.

Most of the transportation of raw materials and finished products is carried out by trucks, and any disruption in the operation of domestic automobile manufacturers inevitably leads to deterioration in the management of parts makers.

[경주 자동차 부품업체 관계자 : 수송기 띄워서 2만 7천 리터 들어 온다는데 경주 지역에 하루만 풀어도 모자라는 양이고 들어와서 제조해서 유통되기까지 기간도 필요할 것이고.]

Concerns about the logistics crisis caused by the urea water crisis from China are becoming a huge negative news for local steelmakers and manufacturers after Corona.


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