US diplomat in South Korea leads after taxi crash “It’s not hit and run”


A vehicle driven by a diplomat belonging to the US embassy in Korea ran into a taxi and ran away. While a group of diplomats refused to investigate the site, the US embassy said it could not agree with the media reports of a hit and run.

Reporter Kim Min-jung will tell you in detail about the situation at the time.

Seoul Namsan Tunnel, as you exit the tunnel, a car tries to change lanes and hits the front bumper of a taxi and goes away.

A taxi driver approaches the vehicle and knocks on the window, but does not budge.

Even after honking the horn several times while chasing the vehicle, there is no response.

[사고가 났는데요. 도주하고 있는 거예요. 근데 외교관 차에요.]

After the chase and chase, the vehicle arrived at the front of the Yongsan US military base.

Even if the police arrive, the ‘hanging out’ continues.

[경찰 : 나오세요, 나와 나와. 나오세요.]

In the end, the police could not confirm their identity or whether they were under the influence of alcohol, but it turned out that the second secretary of the U.S. Embassy in Korea and their companions were in the vehicle.

The police sent a letter to the US embassy asking whether the immunity was exercised.

When reports of a hit-and-run incident by a US embassy employee continued, the embassy made a brief statement.

It was stated that he did not agree with the media reports, was confident that the South Korean side would conduct a thorough and fair investigation, and would refrain from further clarification until the investigation is over.

[택시 기사 : 우리나라 외교관이 (미국) 가서 미국 사람 차를 치고 도망가서 이렇게 할 수 있을까. (사고를 내서) 사람이 다쳤는지, 안 다쳤는지 묻는 건 미국인·한국인이 아니라 사람이라면 당연히 해야 되는 거잖아요.]

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