Unbreakable: The tatters are flying between Jasmin Tawil and Christian Kahrmann


The TV news in the GALA ticker: Violent dispute on “Unbreakable – We make you strong” +++ Will Pietro Lombardi participate in “Let’s Dance”? +++ “Wetten, dass ..?”: Michelle Hunziker reveals an emotional backstage moment.

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11. November 2021

Jasmin Tawil and Christian Kahrmann fight each other on “Unbreakable”

Jasmin Tawil, 39, already came to a bitter realization in the first episode of “Unbreakable – We make you strong”: She is afraid of men. When it comes to the argument with Christian Kahrmann, 49, he seems to hit exactly her sore spot. “Why do you always say something like that? That’s so inappropriate, what’s the point? Do you want to provoke me or what?” Because the evening before she had jokingly called him that when he had reacted with little enthusiasm that she appeared for dinner dressed in a towel.

While Jasmin is initially still conciliatory, she soon ventilates her own anger. “And you don’t have to interfere in what way I’m dressed here. You’re not my father,” she confronts him. While Susi Kentikian, 34, tries to mediate, the dispute threatens to escalate. “It took me a really long time to get a cool body feeling again and then someone comes around the corner and says he thinks it sucks that I’m sitting there with a towel,” she sums up her feelings in a one-on-one interview. Whether there will be a reconciliation can be seen in the next episode on RTL +.

10. November 2021

This is how Pietro Lombardi feels about “Let’s Dance”

If celebrities were allowed to choose to participate in a TV show, the majority would probably choose “Let’s Dance”. “No wonder! Let’s Dance” is THE flagship of German entertainment. There will also be enough dance enthusiasts for the new season. As every year, RTL only announces the participants shortly before the start, even if some of the candidates leak out beforehand. According to “Bild”, pop star Michelle, 49, will be the first dancer. One person who is asked anew every year and who repeatedly distributes baskets is singer Pietro Lombardi, 29.

“I’ve canceled the last six years because I just don’t see myself in the format at the moment,” said the DSDS winner on Instagram when asked whether he would take part in “Let’s Dance” next year. However, his cancellation has nothing to do with the show itself. Honestly, I love ‘Let’s Dance’, I’m a big fan. From Contemporary, Samba to Paso Doble – I know everything, “he admits. And then surprises with this statement:” But I appreciate the demand so much. Every year they fight for me to participate. Promised at 35. “Hopefully, Pietro has not lost his mind with those responsible for” Let’s Dance “by then.

9. November 2021

“Bet that..?” was pretty emotional for Michelle Hunziker

On November 6, 2021, Thomas Gottschalk, 71, and Michelle Hunziker, 44, attracted almost 14 million viewers: inside in front of the television to watch the anniversary show of “Wetten, dass ..?” to celebrate. Hunziker now reveals to “Bild” how emotional the reunion was for her: “It was the same as it used to be and it was great fun. We were in our element. It was as if we had never been away. When it started, we had We all had backstage tears in our eyes and were very emotional. It was with this feeling that I went on stage. “

ZDF is now even considering a sequel, and Thomas Gottschalk is also toying with the tempting idea. If the worst comes to the worst, could he rely on his colleague again? “If it were to continue, it would always be a great pleasure and honor for me to be there,” promises Michelle Hunziker.

“Bachelorette” Melissa Damelia deleted all couple photos

The TV love luck was bought from them: “Bachelorette” Melissa Damelia, 26, and her chosen Leander Sacher, 24. Their fans let the lovebirds participate in their relationship. Just recently, the couple showed up on the Internet, deeply in love with the city of love. A year and a half ago, the two met in the seventh season of “The Bachelorette”. Separation rumors persisted in the summer of this year when the couple had a long-distance relationship and the reality TV actress went on vacation with “Love Island” boys Paco and Tim. It was then that Melissa cleared up the rumors. But now everything really seems to be over if you rummage through the Instagram profiles of the “Bachelorette” lovers.

Melissa and Leander have deleted all the photos they shared! And not only that: the reality TV participants even unfollowed each other. Are there any signs of separation? So far, neither of the two has commented on it. However, Melissa posted lines in her Instagram story that sound suspicious: “I just need new experiences right now and I’m happy to be able to switch off.”

8. November 2021

“The Masked Singer”: Did Samuel Koch have accident memories?

At “The Masked Singer” (TMS) the phoenix was exposed on Saturday evening, November 6th, 2021. Under the spectacular costume, Samuel Koch, 34, appeared, who has been involved in “Wetten, dass ..?” was paraplegic from the neck down in December 2010. Did the actor have memories of this during his stage appearances at TMS? A certain skepticism remained, as the former “Storm of Love” actor now reveals in an interview with “Promiflash”.

“There was just a healthy respect, so I could also say ‘Let’s enjoy the stage fog with caution, let’s make the edge lighting of the stage as bright as possible,'” said the 34-year-old. Although he remembered the “Wetten, dass ..?” Accident, he hardly had to worry because he always felt safe and in good hands. “It was a very pleasant collaboration for me, especially with the stage manager, who attached great importance to safety,” said Samuel Koch, summarizing his experience after his “The Masked Singer” experiment.

GNTM: Kylie Minogue becomes the first guest judge

Preparations for the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” are in full swing. In addition to Heidi Klum, 48, as in previous seasons, a guest juror will also evaluate the candidates. The model mom has now revealed the name of the first surprise guest on Instagram.

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“Tadaaaa, it’s superstar Kylie Minogue! I love you to the moon and back, my twin soul sister,” the GNTM star wrote about the clip.

Heidi also tells her fans on social media that filming in Greece has already started. The juror documents her way south in a few short clips, shining in a neon-colored jumpsuit in Athens. The mother of four not only has huge suitcases with her, but also her husband Tom Kaulitz, 32. It is not yet known whether he will also be on the show.

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