Today is Singles Day 2021: These offers are available to celebrate the day


Singles Day 2021
All mine! These things make being single more beautiful

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These single gadgets are a real joy on Singles Day 2021 – and also on all other days of the year. Instead of having to share a family package, it’s once again: All of this is mine!

Not only on Singles Day 2021: Being single can be a wonderful thing if you don’t see it as an emergency solution or as a stopover and path to the next relationship. So we like to celebrate our independence not only on this year’s Singles Day 2021, which will be celebrated on November 11th – but even more so on this day.

But every now and then there are things that make everyday life difficult for a carefree single life, or at least not really make it easier. Would you like an example? Family packs, with which families save money, the smallest size is often significantly more expensive in proportion. We have no influence on that. We prefer to concentrate on the positive things and have put together some great single gadgets for you that make life as a single easier and / or more beautiful. It is particularly pleasing that various retailers come around the corner with great discounts, especially on Singles Day. This makes it even easier for us to give ourselves a small reward.

Singles Day 2021: These gadgets make single life more beautiful

Yes, it often starts early in the morning. Turn on the large coffee machine for a cup or two of coffee? Or what about a delicious breakfast egg? “Normal” egg boilers supply a whole extended family in one fell swoop – completely useless for our single egg on the morning of Singles Day 2021. Heat up the oven for two small baked rolls? Not particularly energy efficient either. Fortunately, there are pretty simple solutions to all of these problems.

Small coffee maker – big caffeine kick

Because in order to be able to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee in the morning without drinking a whole liter, you don’t have to resort to the environmentally harmful capsule machine. There are now many brands too Coffee machines in small format. Or you can rely on the one that is extremely popular with many people French Press in a smaller size. The finest coffee enjoyment, all for you in peaceful silence.

One, two, three – egg cookers for small households

Egg cookers are now also available in a wide variety of sizes. Even Egg cooker for a single egg there are now. These small variations are much better and more effective than standing stale and stale at the stove again. An additional advantage: the small ones Egg cooker somehow look totally stylish and take up hardly any space due to their compact size – whether in the closet or on the work surface.

Mini oven for fresh rolls and quick snacks

Our next tip is unfortunately a lot more bulky, but no less useful. Because if you don’t like to bake your rolls on the toaster (which is a solution for in between and also works), you could get one Mini oven To worry about. These are usually similar in size to those found in a microwave. So before you turn on the huge oven or use the toaster variant, it is better to buy an oven in which you can also prepare pizza and fries.

The bed is empty – perfect for a side sleeper pillow!

Many people, especially singles who do this for a long time, find sleeping alone uncomfortable. You have the whole bed to yourself, you can spread out, nobody steals the ceiling. Certainly things that couples often envy. However, if you sleep on your side and like to “use” your partner as a “storage space” for an arm and a leg, then the lack of it is more significant. They are then a good alternative Side sleeper pillow at; some even exist with an indicated arm for everyone who likes it more authentic.

Massage gun: You don’t need a: n partner: in for a massage

Do you suffer from tension, for example in the back or in the shoulder area? If you are a fan of massages and you lack the right partner for a relaxing massage in this situation, then we can offer you one of these massage sticks, too Massage pistol called, recommend: These have been specially developed to reach difficult parts of the body independently and to provide yourself with relief and relaxation.

The ultimate relaxation on Singles Day 2021?

And it is well known that numerous, very different sex toys for which you definitely do not need a partner can provide further relaxation in bed. Since you are alone in bed, you can live out completely freely, try out different toys and just go for what is good for you.

Even the singer Lily Allen presents herself as an ambassador of self-love and has now even brought out her own vibrator: the “Liberty by Lily Allen“.

Singles Day 2021: Where does Singles Day come from?

Singles Day originally comes from China. Some students are said to have celebrated Singles Day there for the first time in 1993. The four ones of the date 11.11. stand for the individual single. Originally, the students wanted to celebrate being single and do something good for themselves. In the meantime, many Singles Day supporters use 11.11. but also to give her number one a token of her love. Perhaps because of this complexity of interpretation, Singles Day advanced to become the sales day with the highest turnover in the world – even before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Singles Day found its way to Europe and thus also to Germany in the 2010s; since then, the number of partying AND participating shops has increased faster and faster.

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