Tips for the “Sexiest Man Alive”


Ryan Reynolds
Tips for the “Sexiest Man Alive”

The “Sexiest Man Alive” from 2010, Ryan Reynolds (left) gives tips to his 2021 successor, Paul Rudd.

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Ryan Reynolds was “Sexiest Man Alive” himself, so he has some tips for Paul Rudd on how to deal with it – and how not.

Ryan Reynolds (45) has some tips for the new “Sexiest Man Alive” Paul Rudd (52).

Reynolds, who himself was named “Sexiest Man Alive” by “People” magazine in 2010, said on the “Today” show It is joking that Rudd probably does not know how to use the possibilities that the title brings with it. “I think he is going to waste the opportunity like so many before him,” he said. “He’ll play shyly. He’ll act shy and humble.”

“Don’t screw this up!”

A mistake that Blake Lively’s (34) man made a decade ago, as he admits. Today, however, he would take the opportunity: “I am not saying that I would leave my family if I had him [den Titel] but they’d have to go on without me. “With a” People “magazine full of donkey ears in hand, he would go from town to town and not let anything burn, Reyolds said.” It would be wonderful! “His advice to Rudd is accordingly: “Don’t screw that up, Rudd! Don’t screw this opportunity up. “

Rudd seems to have internalized this spirit already. In an interview with “People” he said, he hopes that in the future he will be invited to the “sexy dinner parties” with Brad Pitt (57), George Clooney (60) and Co. and that he will be more on the yachts. “I will not try to be humble. I have business cards made,” said Rudd.

Approval from colleagues

Rudd also received approval from other colleagues. Seth Rogen, 39, for example Tweet the “People” cover with the comment: “No discussion.” And Mark Ruffalo congratulated with one another compliment on Twitter: “I knew that day would come. Congratulations, man. I hope you keep aging so that you can keep the title.”


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