Theresia Fischer: Marriage problems two and a half years after the GNTM wedding


Theresia Fischer
Honest words about the relationship problems with husband Thomas Behrend

Theresia Fischer and her husband Thomas Behrend

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It has been two and a half years since Theresia Fischer celebrated her “dream wedding” with Thomas Behrend, 28 years her senior, in the finale of the 14th season “Germany’s Next Top Model” and was married by Heidi Klum. The civil wedding took place one day later. What about the marriage of the model and the documentary filmmaker today?

An Instagram post at the beginning of the year in which Theresia announced a divorce gave rise to the assumption that Theresia Fischer, 29, and Thomas Behrend, 57, could be in a crisis. But the 29-year-old only allowed herself a little joke and only divorced her long fingernails.

Nevertheless, we wanted to know more about the musical premiere of “The Ice Queen” last Monday (November 8th, 2021) and asked Theresia about it. The Hamburg resident came to the event without Thomas, instead with ex- “Prince Charming” candidate Martin Angelo.

Theresia Fischer polarized in red

GALA: Theresia, your red dress is more fire than ice, isn’t it?

Theresia Fischer and Martin Angelo

Theresia Fischer and Martin Angelo

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Theresia Fischer: Well, the fire melts the ice (laughs). The dress should set a contrast. I love to push the envelope a bit and play with my charms in my rebellious way. My motto is: “People without a quirk are poop ‘ (laughs). I bought this dress just before the corona pandemic started and I was so annoyed because it was just hanging in the closet at first. So I said to myself, I’ll wear this dress to the next big red carpet and now it’s “The Ice Queen”.

Thomas is not there today. Is everything okay with you?

I still wear my ring … (laughs) In fact, Thomas couldn’t come today. I would have been delighted to have him by my side on this special occasion. He wanted to be there too, already had the ticket, but then had to go to a shoot quite spontaneously. That makes me sad … Mainly because when I’m gone for a long time, it often doesn’t suit him, but I always have to accept that with him.

Marital crisis with husband Thomas Behrend?

Is this a point of contention in your marriage?

This topic sometimes leads to friction in the relationship. You want to give each other the freedom and I often go with him to support him, but that should also be mutual. It’s nice for Thomas when he has his family and friends in Hamburg, but I haven’t. I’m not originally from Hamburg, my family is spread all over Germany. That’s why I would like him to simply react more understandingly to it.

But are you working on these problems?

We are definitely still a couple and want to hold onto our love. Every marriage has its ups and downs, you don’t need to talk nicely about that. But I think that if you have good communication, you can get rid of these problems.

Sources used: own interview


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