The Reimanns: Big disappointment! Bitter tears flow at Manu


“The Reimanns”
Big disappointment! That is why tears flow at Manu

“The Reimanns”: Manu Reimann and husband Konny Reimann


It was actually an exciting time for “The Reimanns”. Konny and Manu Reimann want to experience a road trip with their children – but at the last second everything falls into the water.

More than 5,000 kilometers as the crow flies lie between Manu Reimann, 53, and the family of her son Jason, 31, to be able to see their daughter Janina and her son and husband, the Hawaiians of choice have to travel more than 4,000 kilometers. But Konny Reimann, 66, and Manu do everything for the family. On a road trip together, the two want to revive old memories and visit places they once traveled with their children. But it turns out very differently.

“The Reimanns”: A call from Jason throws all plans overboard

Because the planned family vacation has to be canceled. Jason calls his parents worried: their son Olli has chickenpox and has a severe fever. A world collapses for Manu: “At the moment I have no idea what we can do now. The risk of infecting their second grandson Charlie, whom they wanted to visit only a few days later, is too high for the couple.

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So that Manu’s disappointment is not too great, the Reimanns decide to fly to Dallas and take a rental car to their son’s hometown. Once there, the two give their grandchildren some presents – but hugs are not possible. For the 53-year-old, a difficult situation that finally made her burst into tears. “Regardless of whether we see each other for ten minutes or see each other for four days or see each other for two weeks – as soon as we leave again or the children leave again, then I always cry,” she explains.

The next bitter disappointment for the Reimanns

After just a few minutes, Konny and Manu set off on their own for their first road trip stop. In the small harbor town of Port Isabel, they want to climb the lighthouse. An experience that they skipped with their children 19 years ago due to the price. And even now the Reimanns are not granted luck: When they arrive at the place in Texas, the lighthouse is closed.

But despite the two bitter disappointments, Konny and Manu still manage to enjoy their vacation. Visiting a turtle rescue station moves them so much that they sponsor their eldest grandsons.

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