The preview for Thursday (11/11/2021)


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The preview for Thursday (11/11/2021)

“Storm of Love”: Michael cannot believe that he is no longer allowed to practice.

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So it goes with “Unter uns”, “GZSZ” and Co. on Thursday.

2:10 p.m., the first: red roses

Johanna wants to publish her erotic novel in multimedia format and has Tina and Michi speak some passages for a demo tape for her publisher. Thomas is extremely embarrassing. Simon confidently asks Gunter for a full-time position in hotel management. But Simon is doing so well at “Carlas” that Carla wants to promote him to head bartender. Simon is torn.

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

After the clinic management switched on the medical association, Michael sadly had to close his practice. Until the examinations have been completed, he is no longer allowed to practice as a doctor. When Constanze then offers him legal help, Rosalie draws hope that this will bring Michael new confidence. Gerry learns that a new tenant is being sought for the beauty salon in the “Fürstenhof”. With Erik’s help, he got the idea to lease the salon himself and let Shirin run it.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Between us

Nika secretly celebrates carnival with Paco. Giggling, the two almost become a public nuisance. And then even the police are at their door. Vivien doesn’t let it rest that Tobias has a secret from her. When Eva notices this, she helps her to reveal the secret. Sina hides the found necklace from Bambi. Before she knows it, the necklace on Corinna’s neck is wandering again.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Maximilian has to work with Justus, which he is extremely reluctant to do. But things could change soon, because he got some information that he could use against Jupiter. Meanwhile, Kim is very afraid for Daniela. With an emotional appeal, she tries to convince Daniela to take up the fight against her illness.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Although the condition of her eyes has worsened, Yvonne is brave and raves about the USA to Gerner. Gerner, on the other hand, knows that he can no longer withhold the truth about his judgment from her. While Maren and Katrin take the embarrassing moment with humor, Tobias is uncomfortable that Maren surprised him and Katrin in this way. To make matters worse, Maren is already making the next mistake with Tobias.


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