The greatest successes of the “super nose”


Mike Kruger
The greatest successes of the “super nose”

Together with Thomas Gottschalk (r.) Mike Krüger was also successful on the big screen.

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Mike Krüger has announced that he will retire from the show. Those were the great successes of the German entertainment legend.

He has done a lot in the past decades. Mike Krüger (69), who will celebrate his 70th birthday in December, is a real legend in German show business. Among other things, as a comedian, singer and actor, he inspired millions. For Krüger, however, there is now a new section. “I’m going into show retirement”, he explains in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. In the future, fans will still be able to see the man who made a great career out of a handsome nose.

The entertainer with the right nose

“I’ve been in the right place at the right time three times and now it’s time for the fourth time,” explains Krüger on his homepage. He “struck” for the first time in 1975 with his album “Mein Gott, Walther”. With the single of the same name, he also appeared at another entertainment giant. He sang the song in Rudi Carrell’s (1934-2006) popular entertainment show “Amlauf Band”. Today he is still happy “about the many gold records on my walls”.

Thanks to Karl Spiehs (90), Krüger later became a film star alongside Thomas Gottschalk (71). “The second time, our friend and film producer Karli Spiehs came up with the glorious idea in 1982 to make movies with me and Thomas Gottschalk in the leading roles,” explains Krüger in his own words. The trio worked on films such as “Piratensender Powerplay”, “Die Supernasen” and “Zwei Nasen tanken Super”, which were not only successful at the box office at the time, but are now also known as absolute classics.

Krüger and Gottschalk are still connected to one another today. For his colleague, he would even make another exception in terms of show retirement. “If Supernose Thommy again ‘Wetten, dass ..?’ and needs an excavator driver, then I’ll bring my song ‘Bodo mit dem Bagger’ over, “explains Krüger to” Bild “.

A nose for shows

“The third time, in 1984, the TV broadcaster RTL, which at that time was still broadcasting from a garage in Luxembourg, had the idea of ​​starting private television […]”, says Krüger further on his homepage. This is how he got his first comedy talk show” Krügers Nationalquark “. Countless other formats followed on different channels, including the game shows” Vier gegen Willi “until the end of the 80s and” Punkt , Punkt, Punkt “. At the turn of the millennium, Krüger was also an integral part of the popular” 7 days, 7 heads “format.

He sang, acted and joked. He has made thousands of appearances in TV programs, films, concerts and galas and has sold millions of records. Instead of continuing to provide film and television entertainment, the almost 70-year-old now wants to get started on YouTube and be in the right place at the right time for the fourth time.

“The world and show business have changed completely,” continues Krüger. In the context of digitization, “there is even the possibility that someone like me has his own TV station. You already guessed it – I have it now!” On his YouTube channel he would like to establish the new format “7 days – 1 head” based on one of his successes. There are also TV appearances by the all-round talent, some of his albums and, for a limited time, a special treat. Until his birthday on December 14th, fans can currently also watch Kruger’s film “Geld oder Leber!” watch on his channel.


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