“Storm of Love”: Accident Shock! Gerry in mortal danger


The latest about “Storm of Love” in our ticker +++ Worry about Gerry +++ Pablo Konrad leaves the telenovela +++ fan reactions to the new dream couple +++ Arne Löber speaks plain language +++

November 11th: Does Gerry die serial death?

Gerry Richter (Johannes Huth) is currently one of the absolute favorites of the “Sturm der Liebe” fans. Because of his direct, warm nature, the fans immediately took him to their hearts. But they have to gand will soon do without him again – maybe even for good? In the coming episodes will Gerry try to break the battered relationship of Max (Stefan Hartmann) and Vanessa (Jeannine Gaspár) and persuades the two to meet at the lake. At the subsequent dispute of the ex-couple falls Gerry but then into the water and his condition is so bad that he even has to go to the hospital. Ob Gerry survived? Not clear! That would be for the fans – after saying goodbye to Hannes – the next heavy blow that many would certainly not want to take just like that. Hopefully it will all turn out well.

November 10th: Viewers sad to say goodbye

In “Sturm der Liebe” the staff carousel turns a little further. After this May and Florian traditionally leave the telenovela shortly and start a new life as a dream couple in the USA, stands now further exit that should have shocked many fans: Hannes (Pablo Konrad) is leaving Bichlheim too! The entrepreneur is drawn to New Zealand. For many fans one great loss, because although Pablo Konrad was only there for a few months, it was his Hannes many sympathetic. This can also be seen in the numerous comments on Facebook where many fans feel sad about it show that Hannes gets out. But maybe it is no goodbye forever. After all, Sandro Kirtzel has only just proven that pretty much every character can come back to the “Storm of Love”.

November 9th: This is how the fans react to the dream couple

It has been official for a few days: Sandro Kirtzel and Lena Conzendorf are the dream couple in the new “Sturm der Liebe” season. At an official press conference, the newcomers and the returnees introduced themselves to the press, and now it was the turn of the fans. Did in a little clip Josie and Paul as if they were meet for speed dating and placed each other among themselves pretty intimate questions. This was well received by the fans: There are numerous enthusiastic comments below the video. “I’m really looking forward to both of you, you guys are just so great!“says one fan happily. Another thinks:”Sweet, real-looking couple, optically go well together, both radiate naturalness.“After it was the last dream couple Florian (Arne Löber) and May (Christina Arends) has repeatedly given harsh criticism, it seems as if the fans of the new dream couple are still very friendly minded. Great conditions for an exciting new season.

November 8th: Stress between Arne Löber and Stefan Hartmann?

“Sturm der Liebe” fans love it: The telenovela’s social media team regularly provides them with information about the series Insights behind the scenes or would like to hear the opinions of fans on a specific topic. The community is very active, but it is usually especially fun when the Actors speak up themselves. Recently, for example, Arne Löber commented on a photo on the “Sturm der Liebe” Instagram channel. Then his colleagues Stefan Hartmann and Jeannine Gaspar were in their roles as Max and Vanessa to see. And then Arne had one for his buddy clear message: “He’d better bring me my towel. I stand here in the bathroom and wait…”, complains Florian– Actors themselves in public. The comment is not meant very seriously, but the fans still like it. It’s nice to see that the telenovela team gets along so well that even small jokes among colleagues are no problem.

You can read here what was going on in the “Sturm der Liebe” -Fandom last week.


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