Starting from 125 pounds.. Prices of women’s winter shoes in Black Friday


01:00 pm

Thursday 11 November 2021

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

In the month of November of each year, e-marketing sites compete to offer Black Friday discounts on product prices to increase the percentage of purchase, and people are looking for those offers to take advantage of them and get the products at the lowest price.

In the following lines, Masrawy reviews the prices of women’s winter shoes on Black Friday, according to the Jumia online store.

Black leather women’s boot, at 125 instead of 800 pounds.

White leather shoes, for 189 instead of 699.

Havan leather boots, 125 instead of 800.

Stylish modern women’s boots, black color, for 168 instead of 299.

Boot in white, at 169 for the price of 499.

Women’s half boot suede with heels, black color, for 159 instead of 450.

Women’s leather half boot with heels, beige color, for 139 instead of 400.

Women’s leather belt boot, beige color, for 249 instead of 499.

Women’s long suede boot, black color, for 210 instead of 899.

Beige fashion boot, at a price of 149 instead of 499.

Women’s suede short boot, black color, at a price of 130 instead of 450.

Glossy leather lace-up shoes, brown, for 233 instead of 799.

Stylish casual shoes with heels in black, for 259 instead of 500.

Women’s leather boots, camel color, for 199 instead of 380.

Half boot for women, leather, black color, for 250 instead of 750.

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