Simon Baker: That’s why the “The Mentalist” star broke up with his girlfriend


Simon Baker
That’s why the “The Mentalist” star split from his girlfriend

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Simon Baker is back on a solo path. The actor said goodbye to his girlfriend Laura May Gibbs after a few months. There was obviously a surprising reason for the sudden fall of love.

For Simon Baker, 52, it is already the second separation within a very short time: In April 2020, the “The Mentalist” star separated from his wife Rebecca Rigg, 53, with whom he had children Stella Breeze, 28, Claude Blue, 22, and Harry Friday, 20, has. The ex-partners had parted for good, it was said in early 2021, when the failure of the marriage first became public. But now the actor apparently experienced a love break that was less harmonious. He is said to have separated from his girlfriend Laura May Gibbs a few months ago because, according to “People”, she took part in a protest against corona vaccinations.

Simon Baker: Love with Laura May Gibbs failed due to vaccination protest

Gibbs is said to have clearly campaigned against the recommended measures to protect against Covid-19 on social media. She has now made her Instagram channel private. It was only on November 7, 2021 that she posted a video that she is said to have recorded during a protest in Australia. The sequence shows hundreds of demonstrators, Gibbs is supposed to write her post with the title “Power to the people” [ zu dt. “Alle Macht dem Volke”] have provided.

Laura May Gibbs doesn’t give up

As early as October, Gibbs published a statement on the official Instagram channel of her company, Nagnata, in which she denounced the alleged discrimination in connection with the Covid vaccine. “It is against our personal and brand values ​​to discriminate customers when they walk through the doors of our retail store in ‘Nagnata’,” reportedly posted there. “Given the publication of a roadmap by the NSW government [New South Wales] to relax Covid restrictions only for vaccinated people, we have made the decision to close our Byron Bay store from Monday October 11th. We will open again when EVERYONE is welcome, without fear of judgments and fines. ”

Official information on the coronavirus

The Federal Government provides information on all important information and developments regarding the coronavirus on the website

Simon Baker saw no chance for the relationship long before his ex-girlfriend’s recent public expression. Laura May apparently did not particularly influence the alleged end of love due to her attitude. Their angry protest continues.

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