Princess Madeleine: New photo of ex Jonas Bergström surprised


Princess Madeleine
Surprising change! This is what her ex-fiancé Jonas Bergström looks like today

Princess Madelein and Jonas Bergström announced their engagement on August 11, 2009 on the island of Öland.

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It was a huge scandal when Princess Madeleine announced the separation from her then fiancé Jonas Bergström in April 2010. Eleven years later, the daughter of King Carl Gustaf seems to have left her personal nightmare far behind. While Madde lives happily with her husband and three children in the USA, her ex has also found happiness in the family – and apparently also a completely new style, as a recent photo documents.

When Princess Madeleine, 39, announced her engagement to the lawyer Jonas Bergström, 42, on August 11, 2009 on the island of Öland in front of the assembled Swedish press, she was beaming with happiness. But only eight months later, their future together was in pieces. The couple had shared their lives for eight years. But a blown affair between the smart lawyer and handball player Tora Uppstrøm Berg, 33, destroyed the supposed love. Madeleine fled to New York and soon met her husband, Christopher O’Neill, 47. Jonas has also started a family in the meantime and can hardly be recognized in a recent photo.

Princess Madeleine: Your ex-fiancé Jonas Bergström has matured

His wife Stephanie af Klercker, 38, recently posted a holiday greeting from the Maldives. And you can hardly believe your eyes: The once slick, almost boyish Jonas has made a significant change in style. Casually dressed, his hair significantly shorter and his body toned, the 42-year-old presents himself with friends, his wife and their children Katinka, Sebastian and Wilhelm in front of a dreamlike backdrop. The past decade has matured the handsome Swede.

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The ex-partners have found happiness

His smile shows sheer satisfaction with his life situation. The headline-grabbing separation from Princess Victorias, 44, sister has probably also preoccupied him for a long time. In the meantime, however, the ex-partners have left this chapter behind. Together with her husband Chris and the children Princess Leonore, 7, Prince Nicolas, 6, and Princess Adrienne, 3, Madeleine has set up a peaceful everyday life far away from the Swedish court in Florida. Meanwhile, Jonas still lives in Sweden with his family and can now enjoy the privacy that he would probably never have had after a wedding with the Swedish princess, largely unobserved by the press.

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