Picking up illegal banners and cutting them to pieces… 40-year-old man arrested


A man has been arrested for tearing more than 30 banners on the street early in the morning and making them unusable. From pre-sale advertisements to political banners, only illegally posted banners were selected and damaged, but it seems difficult to avoid punishment as this is also private property.

This is TJB reporter Kim Chul-jin.

The banner was torn to shreds as if it had been cut by a sharp object.

The banners hung from the trees fell helplessly, and the six or seven banners installed on the railings of the bridge were spread across the sidewalk, with only one string cut off, as if it were a promise.

Recently, a man in his 40s was caught by the police in the vicinity of Dunsan-dong, Daejeon, after only targeting and damaging illegal banners that were to be demolished.

In the past month or so, there have been over 30 illegal banners that have been damaged.

It is reported that A was caught on an illegal banner while walking during a police investigation, etc.

There is a fear of a secondary accident with debris as well as the aesthetics of the city torn apart, and the police who received the report arrested Mr.

Even if the illegal banner, which is to be removed, is neatly removed unlike Mr. A, it may be subject to criminal punishment.

Circumstances in which it may be illegal for individuals to remove illegal banners.

Local government officials urged them to report it to the local ward office instead of arbitrary damage.

[이희주/대전 서구청 도시과 : 서구청에서는 전담팀이 오전 오후 현수막 제거 작업을 하고 있고, 주말에는 수거보상제팀을 따로 운영하고 있습니다.]

At the same time, local governments announced that they would operate a team dedicated to removing illegal banners 7 days a week to prevent postings that make citizens uncomfortable as much as possible.

(Video coverage: Kim Il-won TJB)


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