[Pick] A 4m crocodile came up to me and ‘dumped it’… Man who survived with a pocketknife


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An Australian man who was bitten by a crocodile while fishing dramatically survived by wielding a pocketknife.

According to foreign media such as Australian public broadcaster ABC on the 9th local time, a 60-year-old man, A, was attacked by a saltwater crocodile while fishing on a riverbank in the Cape York Peninsula in northern Queensland, Australia on the 4th.

Mr. A drove a bull from his property and caught the bait on a branch while fishing. Just as he was about to pull out the bait, a crocodile suddenly appeared and bit his leg.

Mr. A grabbed a branch so as not to fall into the river, but could not withstand the strong force of the crocodile and was eventually sucked in.

Mr. A, who fell into the river, took out a pocket knife from his waist and stabbed the crocodile in the head. When the crocodile finally released him, Mr. A climbed to the riverbank and saved his life.

Since then, Mr. A has been treated at a nearby hospital and is now stable.

▲ The above picture is not directly related to the content of the article.

A Queensland Ministry of Environment official said, “The probability of escaping from being bitten by a giant crocodile that is 4 to 4.5 meters in length is close to 0%.” But I was really lucky to have survived,” he said.

He added, “Mr. A is experiencing significant trauma from this incident,” adding, “He will need time to fully recover mentally and physically.”

The population of saltwater crocodiles has skyrocketed since it was designated as a protected species in Australia in 1971, and the number of incidents of crocodiles attacked accordingly.

In particular, the Queensland area where Mr. A was fishing was known as a crocodile habitat. Last month, a 4m-long crocodile was found near a local swimming pool.

An official from the Ministry of Environment said, “Just because crocodiles are invisible doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Small crocodiles as well as giant crocodiles can completely hide their appearance in deep water,” he warned.

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