Oliver Pocher: “Screen controls” and posts deleted – what’s going on?


What’s going on there?
Oliver Pocher deletes his “screen control”

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Oliver Pocher regularly causes a stir on the internet with his “screen control”. Now the comedian has deleted the social media format by denouncing the misbehavior of celebrities. And otherwise it has become relatively quiet on Olli’s Instagram account. What’s behind it?

Oliver Pocher is known for his honest and direct opinion. The comedian gets his money’s worth especially with his everyday “screen control”. In this format, he regularly and unfiltered comments on the actions of his social media colleagues. Amira Pocher’s husband, 29, is particularly interested in influencers. Whether Yeliz Koc, 28, Sarah Engels, 29, Gerda Lewis, 28, or Dagi Bee, 27, everyone gets their fat away at some point. To follow up, the 43-year-old had recorded his “screen controls” in his feed – but now they have all been deleted!

Oliver Pocher deletes posts on Instagram – that’s behind it

A look at Oliver Pocher’s Instagram profile actually raises questions – a total of only ten posts can be found on the otherwise bulging profile of the comedian. Except for a few photos and videos, most of Pocher’s content suddenly disappeared – has the father of five children imposed a social media detox on himself?

A fan wanted to know more about it. “Why are all ‘screen controls’ deleted on your profile?” He asked in an Instagram question and answer session. “Delete almost all posts after the time,” wrote the comedian in his Instagram story. His reasoning: “You should have seen it after a week or two.”

“No later than the next corona lockdown …”

And when will the videos be replenished again in which Olli targets celebrities and which are clicked a million times? At the latest with the next corona lockdown, a new “screen control” would be an absolute must, jokes Pocher. It remains to be seen whether his community will actually have to wait that long.

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