November 12 Notice


◇ Naenara Research Institute (Chairman Young-rae Kim, Professor Emeritus of Ajou University) will hold a special academic conference on the theme of ‘post-corona era and changes in the domestic and foreign political environment’ at the National Diplomatic Academy in Yangjae-dong, Seoul at 4 pm on the 12th. Professor Jin-man Cho of Duksung Women’s University (Chairman of the Korean Political Science Association) will give presentations under the themes of ‘The 20th Presidential Election and the Tasks of Korean Politics,’ and International Foreign Affairs and Security Editor In-Taek Chae, ‘Prospects of the Post-Corona Era and Changes in International Order’. ◇ The Muwidang People and Muwidang Aesthetics Research Group will turn the entire Life Cooperative Education Center into a closed banner by applying the artistic spirit of the artists to the abandoned banners and banners discarded through the life ideology and life art of Muwidang Jang Il-soon at the Wonju Life Cooperative Education Center from the 19th to the 27th. The super-large exhibition performance that covers the 2021 Muwidang Life Art Festival ‘Design the Muwidang Thoughts – Renaissance’ will be held. See website ( ◇ Policy Space Inclusion and Innovation (CEO Kyung-ryung Kyung) will hold a research institute inaugural event on the 12th at 2 pm at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul under the theme of ‘Korea’s great leap forward – finding a new way of progress’. ‘Economics and Society in Great Transformation after the Corona Crisis’, ‘Transitional Fair Growth Strategy’, ‘New Growth Strategy in Great Transformation: Building an Integrated Model of Science, Technology, Industry, Employment, and Social Policies’, ‘Tasks and Strategies for the Great Transformation of the University System It presents the direction Korea should take in five themes, including the vision and strategy of a culturally leading country and how to be carbon-neutral. If you search for ‘inclusion and innovation’ on YouTube, you can watch it live. ◇ The Social Relations Committee of the Catholic Bishops’ Church of Korea selected the 2nd part of the climate change feature as the grand prize at the ’31st Korean Catholic Media Awards’ on the 11th. . The Newspaper and Publishing category won the ‘Restored laughter after 76 years, leading to support for the second and third generations of the atomic bomb victims’ (Gyeonggi ON Team Lee Ho-jun, Choi Hyun-ho, Kim Seung-su, Chae Tae-byeong, Lee Kwang-hee, Yun Won-gyu reporters), Radio and Internet category prizes: Gwangju Catholic Peace The 25th anniversary of the opening of the broadcast special documentary (Deputy Director Kim Seon-gyun, PD Yang Bok-soon), Special Award (Teacher Ja-kyung Koo, Hoseo High School Film Club White Wind Wall), and (Dangjin City Hall) were selected. The prize money is 5 million won (grand prize) and 3 million won (category prize, special prize), respectively. ◇ The Korea Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (Chairman Ki-moon Kim) is recruiting organizations to participate in the ‘2022 Export Consortium Project’, which supports joint overseas marketing of companies of the same type and similar business type (item) for SMEs to develop overseas markets by the 26th. It is aimed at private companies such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cooperatives, non-profit organizations related to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), export-related organizations, specialized trade firms, and exhibition-specialized enterprises, such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cooperatives, industry-specific groups, associations, etc. have. ◇ The Cultural Heritage Administration’s Palace Relics Headquarters will hold a special tour from the 13th to the 17th in the Gyujanggak and Juhapru areas of Changdeokgung Palace, which are not normally open to the public. You can see Seohyanggak, Huiwoojeong, and Cheonseokjeong, and the interior of Seohyanggak is open to the public. It starts at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, respectively, and the synagogue has a capacity of 20 people. You can apply at the Cinema Hall sponsored by Changdeokgung Palace. ◇ Woori Multicultural Scholarship Foundation is accepting applications for participation in the ‘Study Room Environment Improvement Project for Children of Multicultural and Vulnerable Classes’ by the 3rd of the new month. Furniture for learning, such as desks and bookshelves, is installed to improve emotional stability and academic ability of multicultural families or underprivileged children. ◇ The 7th Seoul International Food Film Festival (Executive Chairman Jung Woo-jung, Co-Executive Chairman Lee Chul-ha) will be held on the 18th-23rd at Art9 theaters and, an online platform dedicated to the film festival, through films and food in various countries. 76 films from 33 countries around the world will be presented. The opening film is (Director Thomas Winterberg), ‘Discovery of a new taste’, ‘Creating a sustainable life together’, ‘Special Exhibition 2021: Inquirers of Food Culture’, ‘International Short Film Competition Satisfying the Five Senses’, ‘Korean Short Film Competition Satisfying the Five Senses’ ‘ and various other programs. See website ( ◇ Jeon Tae-il Memorial Hall for Beautiful Youth is the first Jeon Tae-il memorial to commemorate the 51st anniversary of Jeon Tae-il until the 13th and to commemorate the creation of the ‘Taeil Road of Labor Human Rights’, which runs from the Jeon Tae-il Statue to the Jeon Tae-il Copper Plate along the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Cultural Street Festival. Connecting the Jeon Tae-il Bridge and the Jeon Tae-il Memorial Hall with various labor culture contents, singing performances such as ‘Hometown of My Heart’, ‘All of us Jeon Tae-il Cultural Festival: the stage of art workers including songs, folk songs, street dance, chorus’, Jeon Tae-il’s mime performance, etc. It offers a wealth of attractions. See website ( ◇ Ecopeace Asia (Chairman Won-Ho Kim) and Korea District Heating Corporation (Chairman Chang-Hwa Hwang) developed the first face-to-face and non-face-to-face elementary science education linkage program in Korea that can be used both online and offline to educate future generations on climate, energy and environmental issues on the 11th. A ‘Dasomi Eco School’ was the only civic group to receive the Minister of Environment Award for the ‘2021 17th Korea Environmental Education Hanmadang, Environmental Education Program Contest’. ◇ Dongwon F&B Running Point is holding the ‘Penguin Run’, a donation marathon for penguins, an endangered animal, from the 11th to the 31st of each month. After running 5.0km or 9.8km freely, you can use an app that can measure the distance and authenticate your record on social media (SNS). A portion of the participation fee is donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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