november 12 bad news


◆ Ho-gyeon Choi (monk Deok-won, former fashion model) passed away: Seung-gyeon’s younger brother = Daegu Fatima Hospital on the morning of the 10th. 12 at 6 am. (053)940-8192.◆ Deokcheol Kim passed away: father of Jeong-geun (Lotte Chilsung TI Department) Gyu-tae (deputy manager of BNK Busan Bank’s Shinpyeong-dong Financial Center) Tae-hyeon (Busan Yeonje Police Station Information Division), and Park Cheol-hoon (head of KNN’s Policy Business Division) father-in-law = 10 7 p.m. at the Busan Citizens’ Funeral Home. Born on the 13th

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