Sunday, November 28

New York stock market mixed amid inflation vigilant… Nasdaq closed 0.52%↑

New York stocks were mixed on concerns about inflation and buying back from the previous day’s exaggerated decline.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow closed at 35,921.23, down 158.71 points from the previous day.

The S&P Index closed at 4,649.27, up 2.56 points from the battlefield, and the Nasdaq, centered on technology stocks, closed at 15,704.28, up 81.58 points from the battlefield.

Investors are keeping an eye on inflation concerns and the possibility of an early rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

The U.S. consumer price index for October, released yesterday, rose 6.2% from the same period last year, fueling market concerns.

Analysts predicted that while investors are dealing with the inflation issue, this will not change the Fed’s policy any time soon.

Flowbank chief investment officer Estee Dewek told the Wall Street Journal: “This year’s consumer price figures were higher than expected, but we don’t see the Fed changing its trajectory.” he emphasized.

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