National Assembly attempts to deal with the resignation bill of Kwak Sang-do, ‘son of Hwacheon Daeyu 5 billion won’


The National Assembly held a plenary session today (11th) to deal with agendas such as the resignation of independent lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who renounced the power of the people.

Kwak announced his resignation on the 2nd of last month after his son, who worked at Hwacheon Daeyu, in charge of the Daejang-dong development project, received 5 billion won in the name of severance pay and consolation money.

At the plenary session, the motion for the appointment of Choi Jae-hae as Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection will also be processed.

The Special Committee on Budget and Settlement of the National Assembly will begin a separate review of the next year’s government budget of 604.4 trillion won for two days from today for non-economic ministries.

The Preliminary Committee plans to go through the budget subcommittee review on the 15th and decide on the budget for next year at the general meeting of the Preliminary Committee on the 29th.

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