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Lyn May goes to see Carmen Salinas; denies quarrels

Lyn May arrived this Thursday afternoon at the place where Carmen Salinas is hospitalized, who said, she is his lifelong friend, since they made the movie “Tivoli”.

There, he denied that he had problems with the actress, despite the fact that in February of this year both were involved in a controversy.

There are no problems, neither she nor I, they are things of the show, we walk in this and we promote ourselves this way, but both she and I know that we have loved each other, “Lyn said upon arrival at the hospital this afternoon.

In the dispute last February, during an interview with De Primera Mano, Lyn said that her friend was elitist since she had entered politics and that rumors of her death would have come from Carmen.

In this regard, Carmen did not remain silent and published a message on her social networks with a photo of a card signed by Lyn May herself.

INSTAGRAM / @ carmensalinas_56

“Because of the friendship that always united us, I paid for the surgery they did on her face to remove all the filth that they injected into her, (…), it is a sin to tell so many lies, like the ones you always throw. God forgive you”, she wrote.

Now, Lyn, dressed up because she said she was coming from an event, commented.

I come to support her as I have always supported her, She always knows that I have supported her, when her son got sick the first time she was there, “she recalled, and also said that the support has been mutual.

“When I started, she told me how to act in Tivoli, I didn’t know anything about cinema, she taught me how because I didn’t know how to do anything and I cried.”

It is so many years that they have known each other, that Lyn says Carmen has to get off work a little bit.

“She works too hard, I’ve always told her, she should slow down a bit because we’ve already been working for many years. When I met Carmen she was already working, I also worked in the theater, but she didn’t do theater, film and television. like her, and it remains the same, she has to lower him “.

As a sign that there are no quarrels between them, she said that she recently went to eat at his restaurant and even said that there were no signs that she was ill.

“No, she has always been healthy, she has always been a very healthy woman.”

Although he tried to enter to visit her, access was denied, so he left the place moments later.

“Go away, leave her alone. She can’t help anyone, pray, it’s the best way to help Carmen.”

The 82-year-old actress Carmen Salinas is hospitalized after apparently having suffered a stroke, her family reported in a statement.

According to the granddaughter’s stories, the actress had dinner on Wednesday night, watched “Mi Fortuna es Amarte,” the soap opera in which she participates, and then fainted.



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