Limited to gas stations where urea water is sold… Cars up to 10 liters


The government, which put out the fire of the shortage of urea water, has started to manage a strong distribution network to prevent hoarding. Car drivers can only buy urea water at gas stations, up to 10 liters at a time.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.

Lotte Fine Chemical, the largest producer of urea in Korea, announced that it has secured 19,000 tons of urea, which can make 58,000 tons of urea for vehicles on its own.

It is equivalent to 2-3 months’ worth of urea water for all vehicles in Korea.

Having secured these missing elements one after another, the government has now taken an emergency supply and demand measure to directly address the problems in the distribution network that are fueling shortages.

In fact, through a recent crackdown, the joint enforcement team found 3,000 tons of elements accumulated by private importers.

[주영준/산업통상자원부 산업정책실장 : 유통 과정을 투명하게 관리함으로써 수급난을 야기·심화시키는 원인을 정확히 파악하고, 이에 대한 즉각적인 처방이 가능하도록 하기 위한….]

First of all, to prevent hoarding, we limited the sales of urea water, which were also sold at large marts, to gas stations.

In addition, a purchase limit of up to 10 liters has been set for passenger cars and 30 liters for cargo and vans, construction machinery and agricultural machinery.

However, it is permissible for a seller to make a direct supply contract with a specific consumer such as a construction site or a large transportation company to sell.

In addition, companies that import, produce, and sell urea and urea water to check the supply and demand situation are required to report related information every day.

We also decided to match the volume of imports from overseas to domestic distribution prices.

With 700 tons of urea found through on-site inspection, we started to produce 2 million liters of urea for vehicles, but we will supply vehicles with high publicity such as buses and vacuum cleaners first.

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