In front of the ‘citizen watchdog’… Behind the scenes, ‘business trip prostitution’ mediation


Business owners who have organized business trip prostitution in the metropolitan area have been arrested. One of them even volunteered for a ‘prostitution citizen watchdog’ run by the local government for the purpose of reporting another competitor.

This is reporter Ha Jeong-yeon.

A woman leaves the accommodation and gets into the car.

Undercover cops rushed out and surrounded the car.

[(왜요?) 경찰관이에요. 차 키 빼요, 키 빼.]

The prostitutes and the driver are arrested.

Behind the scenes, there was a gang that operated more than 40 prostitution sites and organized business trip prostitution.

A total of four companies were discovered, and they also have a system to hand over customers to each other when reservations are full.

[한광규/경기남부경찰청 생활질서계장 : (성매매 업체 사이에서) 개인 정보가 다른 범죄 조직으로 DB화돼서 관리되고 있고요, 자신이 행한 성매매도 범죄고, 자신이 다른 범죄의 피해자가 될 수 있기 때문에….]

They hired prostitutes and drivers non-face-to-face and had the money transferred to a cannon bank account.

I also hired a separate withdrawal book, which imitates a voice phishing crime that cuts off the tail when crackdowns open.

[성매매 업주 간 통화 녹취 : 아가씨가 그냥 총대 메고 ‘단독이다’, 라고 들어가는 방법밖에 없네. (그거밖에 답이 없어요.)]

One of the arrested business owners was found to have been active as a member of a prostitution internet citizen monitoring unit operated by a local government.

It was intended to disrupt business by reporting a competitor.

Local governments recruited monitoring team members on a first-come, first-served basis without any qualifications.

A professional producer of a prostitution brokerage site was also arrested, and each site took up to 5 million won in rent per month.

The police plan to secure a record of 10,000 prostitution inquiries and analyze the call history to track down the men who buy sex.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Hwang Ji-young, CG: Kang Yun-jeong, screen provided: Gyeonggi Nambu Police Agency)

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