“I’m proud of the ’36-year-old newlyweds’ who were newly born as lovers”


From left, father Myung-soo Lee and mother Hong-sook Yoo. Daughter Imina provided by the artist

Our parents are new! Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of newly born 36-year-old newlyweds Lee Myung-soo and Yoo Hong-suk! My parents got married on November 11, 1986 at 11 am, and they had their first daughter Mi-ran in 1988, and their second daughter, me and Mina, in 1990. Until the 11th of November 2021, we have been living together for 36 years. In 2013 and 2019, respectively, a dog was also adopted and the number of families increased. When we were young, the two of us were always so busy with work that we thought, ‘Are your parents only working people?’ They must not have enough time to look into each other and love each other because their livelihood is urgent. ‘You must have married to be happy, so why don’t you look happy?’ I also asked myself several questions. I had a wish, ‘I want my parents to be happy as each other’s wife and husband, not someone’s mother and father, I hope they love each other’. Then, I prayed, “I want you to become a family overflowing with love.” “I prayed that Mom and Dad could love each other like lovers again.” With the power of that prayer, I want to introduce my newly born parents so so so much! I want to brag! Celebrate Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary together and bless them again! At this point, to my mother, ‘It’s cute. lovely. proud. It’s time to come, but I miss you if you don’t come. I want to see. looking forward.’ These days, my mom is like that to me. A person who has been with me for ten months, someone who can accurately match weight gain and loss just by holding my forearm. A person who brews coffee when he can’t smell, and who runs a cafe even though he can’t drink coffee, so it’s funny. He’s tone-deaf and bakchi, but he sings and dances harder than anyone else, so he’s a funnier person. A person who makes delicious food and serves it beautifully, a person who creates art on a plate, a person who makes great use of those strengths to help my books, and a person with excellent color sense and dexterity. People who understand plants well, people who really care about animals, people who want to buy a large piece of land in the future, plant various flowers and plants, build a small cafe and serve flower tea to people on the spot. A person who wants to build a Garden of Eden where they can come and play together. For that dream, he currently runs a small cafe and studies plants and tea. A person who has devoted his whole life to his family, a person who rejoices more when giving than receiving. I pray for the person I pray the most, to be happy, and to make me laugh as much as I cry. We are enjoying that prayer answer now. Of all the mothers I’ve seen in my 30 years of life, she looks the happiest these days. I laugh every day. It’s funny every day. It’s getting purer and more meek. I am happiest when my mom is happy. I am very happy to be able to live as Yoo Hong-sook’s daughter. I want my mom to be as happy as I am. I want my mom to be happier than me. I really wish Now, to Dad. When I was 21 years old, when I was doing volunteer work at the university after school, I met a senior sister. I didn’t know the last name or age, only the name. On the second day I saw her, my sister said with a sad expression on her face. “My mother is sick and I can’t have the surgery because I don’t have enough money. I’ll pay it back soon, so just lend me 2 million won.” Could there be a worse story than that? My heart ached. I asked him to wait, and that night, I went for a walk with my dad and told him about the situation. Dad only said one word. “Mina, is Mina someone you trust? If Mina believes in someone, Dad also believes in him.” My dad is like this. The person who believes in me more than me, the person who sees my tears the most, and the person who loves my smile the most. There are people who keep pocket money and handwritten letters by their bedside every birthday, people who still go to eat ice cream with their daughters, and people who go for a drive with their daughters. A person who still cherishes and loves his wife and confesses, “The most beautiful flower in the world is the flower of Hongsuk!” If you ask him to pick a star from the sky, he will climb the ladder first. People who know my bank account balance just by looking at them, people who secretly give pocket money (even though they don’t have themselves). People who pat themselves as a writer because they see the light too late, people who clap every time I write and praise them for being the best. Avid my fan. A person who tells me not to be afraid of anything because my father is always behind me, someone I can trust, someone who is reliable, someone I want to sit on my shoulder and brag about. The person who prayed for my daughter all my life, the person who passed on the faith, the person who gave me the reason to live, the person who gave everything to me. If there is a daughter on the planet who grew up receiving more love from her father than me, come see me. I bet there won’t be. I’m happier when I’m called Lee Myung-soo’s daughter than Lee Min-na. It’s an honor to be able to live as a father’s daughter. Even if I die, I want to be my father’s daughter. Chilgok/Mina Lee Writer

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remembers the shareholders and readers who sold stone rings and raised stock in the name of their children when it was launched on May 15, 1988. Celebrating their 34th year, these children are becoming parents. In the age of low birth, every new life is so precious. ‘Congratulations’ will be a gift and a memory for the protagonists who will open a new world. Parents, as well as family, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors can all send a congratulatory message along with a photo by e-mail.
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