“I will support and cheer for my dream of becoming a fashion model!”


Kim Min-seo on her 17th birthday. Provided by Eunmi Lee

My first treasure To Minseo, Minseo! Congratulations on your 17th birthday. It has already been 17 years since Minseo was born. It feels like yesterday when I was crawling and toggling around, but now I am a full-fledged lady. I don’t know when I wrote you a letter. It’s been a long time since I wrote this when I said that daycare was making a book in the past, and since then, I’ve only occasionally sent me notes. It must always be stressful and difficult because of the younger siblings, but whenever I see you taking good care of you and caring for you, your mother is grateful and grateful. I’m a teenager these days, so when my mom asks me about my school life, I shoot tuk-tuk, but my eldest daughter is so grateful for that. Did you say that Minseo’s dream is to become a model? I have to study now and various experiences are important, but I will support and cheer for your dreams. School life is hard, but with a little effort, I believe your dream will come true. Did your mom always tell you? “Don’t cry when we lose, let’s cry and win!” At first, my mother gave birth to you and was afraid to raise them on her own, and she was at a loss as to how to live. But, as the saying goes, a mother is strong, and although it is very hard and exhausting, I tried not to feel the empty space of my father for you. Minseo Thank you so much for being able to grow up without any trouble because I know your mother’s heart. To my mother, you are a precious daughter and a daughter to always be grateful for. Our blunt eldest daughter, congratulations on your 17th birthday. Let’s live happily ever after as a family of four. love
Siheung/Mom Eunmi Lee

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remembers the shareholders and readers who sold stone rings and raised stock in the name of their children when it was launched on May 15, 1988. Celebrating their 34th year, these children are becoming parents. In the age of low birth, every new life is so precious. ‘Congratulations’ will be a gift and a memory for the protagonists who will open a new world. Parents, as well as family, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors can all send a congratulatory message along with a photo by e-mail.
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