“I confessed ‘I love you’ for the first time on my 86th birthday”


From left, daughter-in-law Munju Hill, father Kim Jong-guk, and son Kim Hyeong-hyo. Provided by Kim Hyung-hyo, shareholder correspondent

father’s foreword. Happy birthday father. Kim Jong-guk, who was born on September 23, 1936 (lunar calendar), had many stories while he turned 86. Thankfully, I was so honored and happy to be able to bring my parents along on my birthday this year, and to be able to share sweet potato cakes with my daughter-in-law from Nepal. In the meantime, like the eight children taking turns, sometimes we all gathered together to celebrate, but it was the first time we had spent together alone, so it felt really special. I remember posting ‘Father’s Jeon Sang-seo’, full of sadness when I started working before the end of winter vacation in my 3rd year of middle school. Still, when I think about it now, I think I calmly asked my father and mother how I was back then. There were 10 won, 20 desired postage stamps on standard envelopes and standard stationery papers. Perhaps the writings of my father, my parents, and the writings I wrote at that time were the guides that illuminate the path of poetry in the future. On the night I wrote the letter with tears back then, the starlight of my hometown seemed to illuminate my future. Father, I am now seven years old, more than half a century old, and my hair is gray. My wife will soon fill half a century. Before it’s too late, on this night of writing my father’s death letter, the brief moment we cut the birthday cake together seems to remain as a precious memory for a long time. When I was young, I was afraid of harsh teachings, but at some point in my life, it reminded me that my father’s will was always right, so I learned how to protect myself without being disturbed. I am so grateful for the memories of those teachings. Once again, congratulations on your 86th birthday. And please take a look at the daily life of this ‘little son’ who has been in good health for a long time with his two-year-old mother. Today I would like to tell you something that I have never confessed to my father. “I love you, father. And congratulations. Stay healthy for a long time.” Finally, I’ll post a congratulatory poem ‘Father’ that I wrote. ‘ My father always / Yes always / My father does / He never cries / He never smiles / Yes Always / My father is always / My father is always full of energy / I know after the years / I know after the years / People / My father showed me the way to live as a comrade / On the day he came after fighting with his comrade / He always scolded me / Even though he knew that I was not wrong / He hired me first / and later harassed my comrade / After such a father overcame hardship / With a long silence / The spring, summer, autumn and winter of the eight siblings / You lived and watched like a day or two or three days / So our eight brothers and sisters / were able to live our lives while looking at each other like a day or two or three days / Thank you / Father always Be healthy / like a day or two or three days / live the long, long spring, summer, autumn and winter.’ Daejeon/Kim Hyung-hyo Correspondent to shareholders


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