Helene Fischer: “Reached my limits” – she reports low point


Helene Fischer
“I was like a workaholic who worked through”

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Her privacy is sacred to Helene Fischer. It is all the more astonishing that the artist is unusually open about her private life in a new interview.

“I love to go for a traditional walk on Sunday, totally stuffy,” reveals Helene Fischer, 37, on the Sat.1 show “Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush”, which will be broadcast on Friday, November 12th . The pop singer is currently promoting her new album “Rausch” and gives insights into her private life in numerous interviews. This is also the case in the show that was produced for her by Stefan Raab, 55.

Helene Fischer likes to be cooked for

In an interview with Steven Gätjen, 49, the 37-year-old also reveals that she likes to be cooked by her mother, eats an apple every day, likes chocolate lava cake and that her boyfriend, the aerial acrobat Thomas Seitel, even before their relationship was a big fan of hers. With him, Helene Fischer is currently expecting her first child.

Steven Gätjen interviews Helene Fischer for the show "An evening in a frenzy".

Steven Gätjen interviews Helene Fischer for the show “An Evening in Rush”.

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But the artist also takes a serious note, reporting, among other things, from one of her hardest times. “I was like a workaholic who worked hard,” remembers Helene Fischer. She didn’t notice how “worn out” she was. “You give a lot and I’ve always enjoyed doing it, but there was a point when I reached my limit,” confesses Fischer.

“You are only human and not a machine”

She was constantly on stage, every day was full of appointments. “I was only on the road. There were hardly any days when I was not on the road. I was on the plane more than anywhere else,” reveals the 37-year-old. Today she has a better grip on her work-life balance. “I’ve learned to cancel or not accept things,” says Fischer and emphasizes: “You’re just a person and not a machine, you can’t always deliver.”

One reason why Helene Fischer took a break in 2019. No concerts, no gigs. In the past two years she has wondered where she was actually going artistically. As a musician, she wanted to be even more authentic and honest. And as a private person? Fischer continues to skilfully hold back. Your pregnancy is not an issue in conversation with Steven Gätjen.

Source used: Sat 1st show “Helene Fischer – An evening in a frenzy”



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