He destroys real Banksy artwork


Christopher Walken
He destroys real Banksy artwork

Hollywood legend Christopher Walken.

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Oscar winner Christopher Walken has lived up to the series title “The Outlaws” and in it destroyed a real work of art by Banksy.

With this campaign, Christopher Walken (78) caused a sensation worldwide. The actor painted over a real work of art by famous street artist Banksy while filming the BBC drama “The Outlaws” in Bristol, England. What’s behind the action?

According to the BBC, a spokesman for the production said: “We can confirm that the artwork at the end of ‘The Outlaws’ is an original by Banksy and that Christopher Walken painted over and eventually destroyed the artwork while filming that scene.”

The destruction of the work of art was therefore intentional. Banksy, whose works of art have already fetched millions at auctions, was also involved, according to the BBC. He agreed in advance to decorate a wall of the location with graffiti. A photo on Twitter shows a rat with two spray cans with the words “Banksy” on top. Walken painted over that picture in the last episode with a paint roller. The whole is supposed to have been part of the plot.

This is what “The Outlaws” is about

Christopher Walken embodies in “The Outlaws”, according to the BBC, a member of a group of petty criminals who renovate a building for the benefit of the community. The Banksy rat appeared behind some wooden boards along with numerous graffiti. Since his probation officer apparently overlooks the fact that this is a work of art by Banksy, Walken’s figure paints over all the pictures.



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