‘Han Dong-hoon’s self-inflicted assault’ Jeong Jin-woong claims not guilty at appeal… Investigator’s Witness Application


Jeong Jin-woong, a research fellow at the Legal Research and Training Institute, who was sentenced to a suspended sentence in the first trial for assaulting Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon during the seizure and search process, also claimed innocence at the appeals court and applied for a prosecution investigator as a witness.

At the first trial of the appeals trial held at the Seoul High Court today (11th), the researcher’s side argued that the first trial judgment was unfair because of misunderstandings and misunderstandings of the facts, and the sentence was also heavy.

“I am applying as witnesses from two prosecutors who can explain the seizure and search situation,” he said.

After confirming the prosecution’s position, the court decided to decide whether to accept Jung’s request for a witness.

Researcher Jung was charged with assaulting a prosecutor and injuring a prosecutor for three weeks in the process of confiscating and searching the SIM chip of Han Dong-hoon’s cell phone at the Justice Research and Training Center on July 29, last year, when he was the chief prosecutor of the first criminal division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. .

Research Fellow Jeong denied the charges, saying that prosecutor Han tried to destroy evidence and did not assault him, saying that it was unavoidable physical contact in the process of stopping it. sentenced.

However, it is difficult to say that a prosecutor was injured by assault, and instead of direct assault under the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes, he pleaded guilty to the crime of direct assault under the Criminal Act.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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