Grupo Firme and Ángela Aguilar sweep the Radio Awards


This Wednesday the greatest exponents of regional Mexican music to celebrate the Radio Awards, for the first time in Mexico City.

Artists such as La Banda MS, Lupillo Rivera, El Fantasma, Grupo Firme, Santa Fe Klan, Alemán, Ángela, Leonardo and Pepe Aguilar, Carín León, Ana Bárbara, Natalia Jiménez and Margarita, the goddess of cumbia came to the place to celebrate with music.

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Firm group took five of his seven nominations during the night, including Artist of the Year, Grupo Norteño, Band Song for “Ya Supérame”, Collaboration of the Year and Latin Pride Award.

The band is also about to launch a corrido with Maluma, from what they say, they are very happy because they took the artist out of his comfort zone.

Ángela Aguilar also shone during the night by crowning herself as Female Artist. He also won the Mariachi Song Awards for “Tell me how you want”, with Christian Nodal, as well as the Latino Pride award.

The Phantom was crowned as male artist during the night, and also won the Norteña song award for his collaboration with Los dos Carnales, “El cabrón y el vago” Carín León won as a solo group or Sierreño and the team made up of Lupillo Rivera, Santa Fe Klan, Alemán, Snoop Dog and B-Real were crowned in the Urban Regional Song category, for “Major League Baseball.”

The MS Band became Band of the Year and MP Brand, with the nostalgic “It’s finished”, won song Sierreña.

Both Ángela Aguilar and Ana Bárbara, Lupillo, Santa Fe Klan and Alemán, Pepe Aguilar, Chiquis, Edith Márquez and Aida Cuevas offered part of their musical repertoire, as well as other artists. At night he reminded himself Vicente Fernandez.

Gerardo Ortiz also won that night with his corrido, “El Perro”, as Corrido of the year.

The hosts of the night were Patricia Navidad, El Capi, Chiquis Rivera, Ana Bárbara, Don Cheto, Cynthia Rodríguez, Alex Garza and Pepe Garza.



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