Foreigners net sold 31 trillion won worth of domestic stocks this year… best close ever


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Businesses who mediate or mediate the provision of services for workers with special types of workers must submit their income data every month starting from the following month.

The National Tax Service announced that even for service providers who receive payment directly from customers, the income data submission cycle will be shortened from an annual to a monthly basis starting from today (11th).

There are eight industries in which the income data submission cycle will be shortened this time: surrogate driving and quick service drivers, caddies, caregivers, housekeepers, luggage carriers, used car salespeople, and bathroom workers.

Foreign investors have sold about 31 trillion won of domestic stocks by October of this year, close to the record for the largest net selling ever.

From January to October of this year, the amount of net sales of domestic stocks by foreigners totaled 30.96 trillion won, exceeding the size of last year.

If it continues to sell KRW 6 trillion in the remaining two months, it is expected to break the record high in 2008.

On the 18th, when the College Scholastic Ability Test is held, the foreign exchange market trading starts at 10 am, an hour later than usual.

However, the closing time remains at 3:30 PM.

The opening and closing times of the domestic stock market are delayed by one hour, and trading in the KOSPI, KOSDAQ and KONEX markets starts at 10 am and ends at 4:30 pm.

Geo E&C held a meeting to gather investors for the development of the Zavichinsky mine, the largest lithium mine in Russia.

In 2019, we signed a business agreement with the Russian government of Javaikal to build a lithium mine.

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