Duchess Meghan: was the leaked letter to father calculus?


Herzogin Meghan
Was the leaked letter to father calculus?

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Associated Newspapers’ lawyer accuses Duchess Meghan of having known that the letter to her father would be leaked. Now she comments on the lines she has written.

A legal dispute is still raging in front of a court in London over whether the “Mail on Sunday” and “Mail Online” should have published the content of a letter from Duchess Meghan, 40, to her father Thomas Markle, 77. Actually, a judge in February of this year had found the wife of Prince Harry, 37, right. But the publishing house Associated Newspapers continues to contest this decision. At a new hearing on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, his lawyer Andrew Caldecott accused the Duchess, according to The Washington Post, of having written the letter with the knowledge that it will most likely reach the public.

Duchess Meghan is said to have acted consciously

This emerges from conversations Meghan is said to have had with a man named Jason Knauf, who at the relevant time worked as communications secretary for Harry and Meghan, but also for Prince William, 39, and Duchess Catherine, 39. As a witness, Knauf testified that Duchess Meghan “asked me to check the text of the letter and said: ‘Everything I wrote was done with the understanding that it could of course be published.'”

She even asked Knauf if she should address her father as “Daddy” in the letter. “In the unfortunate event that it is leaked, that would affect people’s hearts,” he quotes the Duchess in his testimony. For attorney Caldecott it is therefore clear that the letter was “made with a public readership in mind”. According to his argument, the Duchess was even pleased when her lines to Thomas Markle found their way to the public.

Duchess Meghan strongly disagrees

According to “The Washington Post”, Duchess Meghan contradicts this representation. At no time did she think that her father would “sell or publish the letter. Mainly because it would not put it in a good light”. Rather, it was important to her to formulate the letter in such a way that “the risk of manipulation or misleading processing is minimized”. Meghan feared most of all that individual passages could be taken out of context. According to her statement, however, she did not expect that the entire content would come to light.

“Senior members of the [königlichen] The family and their advisors expressed their concern about the public attacks and expressed their wish that they be stopped, “said the 40-year-old, from which the Daily Mail also quoted. The situation had put great pressure on her husband in particular , and she felt the need to “do something about it.” That way, even if her father continued to speak to the press, he could at least tell his family that “I did everything I could to stop it”.

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