Sunday, November 28

“Don’t be rude!”: Adriel Favela attacks a reporter

Singer Adriel Favela went viral on social networks after the encounter he had with a reporter during the blue carpet of a gala that was held to recognize “Men of the year”.

The singer’s behavior was captured by the press and widely disseminated on social networks, and even Mane de la Parra disapproved of the famous attitude.

It all happened when the singer was parading on the carpet with his girlfriend, the influencer Estibaliz Badiola, who stopped to answer some questions from the press; Nevertheless, Favela prevented his partner from continuing to speak to the communicator and stopped the interview sharply.

While the singer left the press area with Estibaliz Badiola, the reporter complained about his unkindness and called him a “clown”, as can be seen in the video they shared during the morning broadcast of TV Azteca.

Annoyed at the journalist’s accusations, Adriel Favela returned to the press to defend himself without being able to hide how furious he was at the situation. The video of the encounter has been widely disseminated on social networks, where it has received several comments.



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