Decision to disclose the identity of different criminals in each region, a control tower will be created


The National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency unification of personal disclosure judgment
Notice to the suspect before decision… Giving Opportunities to Submit Opinions

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The National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency (National Investigation Headquarters) decided to oversee whether the police held a deliberation committee to decide on the disclosure of the suspect’s face. Before deciding to disclose his identity, he decided to notify the suspect in advance and give him an opportunity to express his opinion. The National Police Commission announced on the 11th that at a meeting of the National Police Commission held on the 8th, the ‘Guidelines for Partial Revision of the Personal Information Disclosure Guidelines, including the faces of suspects’, were decided on the original bill. What the police focused on most in the revision of this guideline is ‘unification of the decision to hold the public disclosure’. Currently, 17 provincial and provincial police agencies across the country decide whether or not to disclose the identity of a suspect in a criminal case after deliberation by the Personal Disclosure Review Committee. As a result, it has been pointed out that the inconsistency of each provincial and provincial police agency differs from whether or not to hold a deliberation committee to disclose the identity of the suspect to the decision to disclose it. In the case of the Jeju middle school student murder case that occurred in July, the Jeju Provincial Office initially decided not to hold a personal disclosure deliberation committee, but overturned the decision as it was pushed by outside public opinion. An official from the National Police Agency said, “We will take the lead by referring to precedents from the National Police Agency’s report on major incidents, so that the standards of personal disclosure do not differ.” In addition, the police decided to notify the suspect in advance to receive their opinion before the Personal Disclosure Deliberation Committee was held. A written notice of the disposition to disclose the identity of the suspect has been established to ensure the right of defense of the suspect. Considering cases in which the suspect is not properly disclosed even after a decision to disclose his/her identity is made, it also includes a provision that allows the public to disclose photos such as the identity of the suspect obtained during the investigation process. This is an issue that is already being implemented under the authoritative interpretation of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, but it is included in the guidelines on a stipulated basis. By Park Soo-ji, staff reporter [email protected]

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