Davina Geiss: “Dad threatens to cut off all my friend’s fingers”


Davina Geiss
“Dad threatens to cut off all my friend’s fingers”

Robert Geiss with daughter Shania, wife Carmen and daughter Davina

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Davina and Shania Geiss have long since reached the age at which they could have a boyfriend. However, both girls are still single. The search for the right person is difficult, not least because of her protective father.

Davina Geiss, 18, and Shania Geiss, 17, are moving out. The two sisters leave the nest move into their first own apartment “directly on the beach side of Monaco”, they proudly tell in a family interview with “Bild”. They are also accompanied by cameras on this big step, but for their first own format. “The two should now see whether they can cope on their own. Of course, I still check that and see whether everything works,” explains Mama Carmen Geiss, 56, but strictly.

Davina Geiss: “I don’t want to disappoint my parents”

Meanwhile, the head of the family prefers to control the choice of men for his offspring. As if finding a friend in her homeland of Monaco wasn’t already difficult enough. “On the one hand, not so many people in Monaco know ‘Die Geissens’. But Monaco is also small. Finding good guys there is difficult,” explains Davina and her sister adds: “Mainly because everyone knows everyone. You don’t want any Break friendships. And I don’t want to disappoint my parents and bring anyone home either. “

Robert Geiss returns the protector

That will be okay with Robert Geiss, 57, because he apparently turns out the great protector when it comes to the dating life of his daughters. “With mom it would be even easier. But dad is the worst person you can imagine,” says Davina. “I could bring God home with me – he would also reject him as my friend. Then he would say: ‘No! Because I am God.'”

But that’s not all: “Dad also threatened to cut off all my friend’s fingers.” Robert Geiss admits: “Only my little finger … But I always have a cool box with me …”

The consequence? “Even if I had a boyfriend, I would keep it a secret from Dad. At least until we are together for a year,” admits the 18-year-old. “Dad is actually chilled with everything,” adds Shania. “He also lets us go out for a long time. But it’s very difficult with friends.”

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