Monday, November 29

Carmen Salinas is in a coma: details about the actress’s health are revealed

Delicate is the health situation presented by the actress and host Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who after be admitted to emergency At 10:00 p.m. at a hospital in Mexico City, in the Roma neighborhood, in the face of a stroke that occurred last night, her nephew Gustavo and her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia confirmed that the actress is in a coma and on ventilation with fan.

“We are waiting to see what the doctors tell us”

Waiting for the medical staff to report more details on how Salinas’s condition will evolve, although her relatives pointed out that at the moment the organs of the lead actress are working normally: “the diagnosis is a stroke in the stem part, we are waiting for family doctors to know how it progresses”.

Carmen Slinas’ granddaughter stressed that for the moment the priority of attention lies in providing and maintaining her breathing through assistance, she also recalled that Carmen Salinas had always been active and attentive to her work: “at home, as she always has, unstoppable, working hard, he had dinner, watched his soap opera, and suddenly he was fainted ”.

Gustavo, nephew of Carmen Salinas, who has also been her right hand in the actress’s personal affairs, referred to her thanks for immediate concern that fans and the media have expressed and requested prayers for his speedy recovery.

“I am devastated right now by what is happening, many of you -the press- have spoken to me and I have not been able to answer you, I hope you understand me. We are waiting to see what the doctors tell us, wait nothing more, “he explained, explaining that the coma in which the actress is found is natural and not induced.”

After these first statements by the Salinas family, her granddaughter and nephew revealed that a new medical report on the actress’s health will be shared at 7:00 p.m. this Thursday, who currently is part of the cast of “My fortune is loving you”, Televisa’s nighttime stellar telenovela.



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