Breaking into a neighbor’s house and doing weird things after going to the toilet… “I can’t go home in shock”


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A man in his 50s has been sentenced to prison for sneaking into a neighbor’s house and committing bizarre acts, such as urinating and burying sputum.

The victim is said to have been unable to return home due to the shock.

According to the legal community on the 11th, Judge Lee Dong-wook of the 12th Criminal Division of the Seoul Northern District Court sentenced a 51-year-old man accused of trespassing to 4 months in prison on the 3rd.

A is accused of breaking into a neighbor’s house in a multi-family house in Gangbuk-gu, Seoul on April 1st.

At around 8 pm on March 30th, Mr. A stayed on the stairs leading to the roof of the building and secretly observed Victim B pressing the password when entering the house.

And two days later, after confirming that Mr. B had gone out, Mr. A entered Mr. B’s house password that he had memorized and entered without permission.

It was found that A was lying on B’s bed, went to the bathroom, went to the toilet, and spit out secretions that looked like sputum on a towel.

After that, when Mr. A ran into Mr. B, who returned home, he hurriedly left the house.

Mr. B showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder due to the shock at the time of the incident and is receiving psychiatric treatment, and it is known that he has not been able to return home.

The judge said, “Even if the accused has no criminal record, considering the situation in which the victim’s life has reached the point of ruin due to the accused’s above offense, the prison sentence should be punished.” We have taken into account various circumstances such as the age, sex, and environment of the accused,” he said.

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