Monday, November 29

Both the ruling and opposition parties said, “Let’s do a special investigation”… Exploring the negotiating threshold

After the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung expressed his intention to accept the special prosecutor conditionally in connection with the suspicion of preferential treatment for the development of Daejang-dong, there is an atmosphere that both the ruling and opposition parties will not avoid the special prosecutor. However, although they say they are confident with each other, they are not engaging in full-scale negotiations.

By Kim Hyung-rae, staff reporter.

In September, Democratic Party floor leader Yun Ho-jung, who said that the special prosecutor’s allegation of the Daejang-dong development allegation was obstructing the prosecution’s investigation, said yesterday (11th) that he has no intention of avoiding negotiations if the opposition parties contact him first.

[윤호중/민주당 원내대표 : 야당이 연락을 해오면 협상을 피할 생각 없습니다. 저희는 자신 있어서 이야기하는 겁니다.]

In a recent opinion poll, more than half of the opinion on the introduction of the special prosecutor was taken into account.

However, there was a condition that the prosecution’s investigation should be monitored.

Kim Ki-hyeon, floor leader of the People’s Power, urged the negotiation to begin immediately, saying, “‘Conditional acceptance’ is a trick to waste time.”

[김기현/국민의힘 원내대표 : 특검을 수용키로 한 것을 적극 환영합니다. 당장이라도 여야 원내대표가 특검법 처리를 위해 만날 것을 민주당에 제안합니다.]

Although they exchanged words of confidence with each other, negotiations between the opposition parties have not yet begun.

People’s Power Minority Leader Kim requested an interview with the Democratic Party, but there was no response, accusing it of ‘Hollywood action’, and Democratic Minority Leader Yoon countered that he had never been contacted.

Although the opposition and opposition parties are engaged in a search battle, there are many hurdles to overcome before the actual introduction of the special prosecutor as the subject of investigation, the right to recommend the special prosecutor, and the investigation period are expected to be issues.

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