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Bad Bunny makes Julieta Venegas “blush”

The Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas, who this Thursday returns to a stage in Miami after many years, confessed at a press conference that he is “too normal” and that he “blushes” with the lyrics of some songs by the Puerto Rican urban artist Bad Bunny.

“Zero eccentricities in tastes and in the day to day,” he replied when asked today if he has a B-face and if his fans would be surprised if a biographical series is made about her. “There would be nothing very interesting. I’m too normal,” he said.

Venegas, 50, spoke of his recent collaboration with Bad Bunny in “Lo Siento BB: /”, the first single from what will be the first album by renowned Puerto Rican producer and artist Tainy.

After stressing that she listened “a lot to Bad Bunny” during the pandemic and that some of his lyrics make her blush, she said that she “loved” the collaboration with someone with a style so different from yours.

He confessed that in the duet it was difficult for him to give the reply to someone who does not want “a relationship”, “just fuck off”, an expression that caused laughter among journalists and the public present at the Consulate General of Mexico, where the meeting took place. press.

Venegas, who was received with music and flowers, said she was very happy to be back on stage after the pandemic, in which, she said, she did “the same as everyone else.”

Julieta Venegas at the Consulate General of Mexico in Miami. EFE / A. Mengotti

In her case, that meant, in addition to writing songs, learning to cook and accompany her daughter, she said, dressed in a simple black outfit and her classic hair above her shoulders.

The singer, who will offer a concert tonight as part of her international tour “See us again”, which started in Chicago, exuded warmth and simplicity since she set foot in the consulate and the music of the Mora Arriaga group and the children of the Homestead Mariachi Conservatory began to sound in his honor.

He listened to the performance of “La bamba” and his hit “Me voy” with a big smile and praised the musicians before answering questions.

As he said, the tour is something he wanted to do, to play again and have contact with the public after so much confinement and so much zoom.

“I needed some normality,” he said. “It is something very exciting” to return to the stage, he stressed.

In Miami he will present a “small show” with a small group of musicians and will perform songs from his entire career.

Venegas said he did not have a favorite among his songs. He likes them all but at the same time, he said, it happens like when he looks at old photographs and wonders why I would do my hair like this or what ugly makeup.

He defined it as a “funny relationship” with his songs.



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