As was said, Musk sold Tesla stock… 2.7 trillion won


Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has sold some of his shares, as predicted.

Musk has sold 2.7 trillion won worth of Tesla shares, Bloomberg reported.

According to the disclosure, Musk sold 2154,572 shares of Tesla after exercising the stock option.

The stock option strike price is $6.24 per share, with Tesla closing at $167.95 for the day.

Based on the closing price, the total stock sale amount was $2.31 billion, or about KRW 2.77 trillion, and the profit was $2.288 billion, or about KRW 2.71 trillion.

Earlier on the 6th, Musk posted on his Twitter account, “Recently, there have been criticisms that unrealized profits are being used as a tax evasion method.” It was.

The 24-hour survey attracted 3.5 million people, 58% of whom voted in favor, and Musk said he would follow the results of the vote.

There is also growing concern that the Tesla stock price will fluctuate with many Korean small investors after Musk’s sell-off.

Tesla stock is currently the largest overseas stock held by individual investors called Seohak Ant, worth about 18.5 trillion won, accounting for 1.29% of Tesla’s total stock.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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