Animal cruelty again… ‘Gore specialty shop’ seizes perpetrators


I once told you about the brutal killing of stray cats and other animals, filming the process and posting it on a group chat room. Today (11th), the perpetrator was sentenced to probation, but there are criticisms that the punishment is weak, and there are also criticisms of the inconsistency of these animal cruelty-related judgments.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun on the sidewalk.

I am now at the Seosan Branch of the Daejeon District Court.

From here, a sentence will be pronounced on the animal cruelty suspect soon.

A domestic animal protection group said they wanted a monumental trial result, but let’s hear the sentence in person.

Mr. Lee, who brutally killed animals and shared videos and photos of the process with 80 people in a group chat room.

Prosecutors have requested a maximum sentence of three years in prison for the first time since the animal protection law sentence was increased in February.

They killed animals in a cruel way and shared it.

However, the court sentenced him to four months in prison and two years of probation.

Although he acknowledged the cruelty of the crime and found him guilty of all crimes, it was because Mr. Lee was a first-time offender and was engaged in animal protection activities after the crime.

[이 씨/동물 학대 가해자 : 문제가 있었던 건 제가 시인하고, 당연하지만 (앞으로) 안 그러겠습니다.]

Animal rights groups, who expected harsh punishment, protested.

[최민경/동물권 행동 카라 활동가 : 초범이라는 이유로, 나이가 젊다는 이유로, 가족들이 잘 보살피겠다는 이유로 저 사람에게 죽어간 생명들에 대한 죗값을 치르게 하지 않고….]

There have also been criticisms of each court’s arbitrary standards for animal cruelty crimes.

We analyzed 21 major animal cruelty judgments since 2016.

A case in which a cat was brutally abandoned to death, sentenced to six months in prison, and the perpetrator was arrested in court.

A veterinarian who starved to death one experimental animal and abused 20 animals was sentenced to probation.

However, there are many instances in which similar offenses are subject to fines.

A fine of between 500,000 and 2.5 million won was imposed on the perpetrators of the case in which four dogs were starved to death without giving them water and food, and in the case of striking a stray cat to death with a stick and hanging two dogs by hanging for being noisy.

Animal cruelty crimes are becoming more and more brutal, and court judgments are criticized for being jagged with no sentencing standards.

[정기수/청와대 농해수비서관 (지난 2월) : (동물 학대가) 대부분 벌금형에 그치고 있다는 지적이 있습니다. 대법원 양형위원회에 동물 학대 관련 양형기준 마련을 요청하겠습니다.]

However, this year too, the Supreme Court Sentencing Committee has decided not to even discuss the sentencing standards for animals.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Park Ki-duk, screen provided: Animal Freedom Coalition)

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