again this year? Jeonbuk dances to ‘winning DNA’ [축덕쑥덕]


[골룸] Cheokdeoksukdeokdeok 148: Again this year? Jeonbuk dances to ‘winning DNA’

The K-League gave fans a hot weekend ahead of the A-match break.

The ‘Hyundaiga Derby’ between Jeonbuk and Ulsan, which was actually called the final, was the best match that proved why the two teams competed for the title by creating numerous stories for three years in a row.

If Jeonbuk took the lead, Ulsan chased after a bit and bit game, and Ilyuchenko’s ‘one shot’ exploded in the last extra time, causing Jeonju-seong to shake.

The season stats were 2 draws and 2 losses. But at the most important moment, is Jeonbuk’s ‘winning DNA’ wriggling again?

In front of Suwon Kim Gun-hee, who suddenly boarded the Bentoo, Jeju Jumin-gyu, who boasted the majesty of scoring leader this season, and the new wind of FC Seoul, where Palosevich has completely revived…

Today, reporter Joo Young-min, announcer Ju Ji-eun, Ha Seong-ryong, and Park Jin-hyeong PD participated.

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00:10:28 Listener Question: ① What is the difference between a professional player and a semi-pro player?

00:13:13 Listener Question: ② What is the administrative difference between a supervisor and an acting supervisor?

00:14:47 Listener Question: ③ Is the title of ‘playing coach’ administratively meaningful?

00:18:45 Issue focus: ① Another year? Jeonbuk dances to ‘winning DNA’

00:42:48 Issue Focus: ②’No. 1 Goal Specialist’…Heung-Min Son’s first goal before Conte’s debut

00:50:44 Issue Focus: ③ Current status of ‘Train to Qatar’ Bentu

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