After the rise in gold prices globally, how do you buy a net for your bride for 10 thousand pounds?


02:00 PM

Thursday 11 November 2021

Report – Nour Jamal

The price of gold rose today globally to about $ 1845 an ounce, an increase of 0.76%, which caused a jump in prices yesterday, Wednesday in Egypt, before the end of trading, and the price of a gram increased by 13 pounds at once, compared to its level in the middle of transactions, according to what Naguib Club, Secretary General of the Division Previously gold in the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, for Masrawy.

And the prices of 14 karat gold increased to about 533 pounds, 18 karat to about 686 pounds, 21 karat to about 800 pounds, and 24 karat to about 914 pounds.

According to Najib, the price of a gram in the local market did not reach 800 pounds about 4 months ago.

In light of this rise, the dreams of young people who are about to get married in buying the network may be shattered, due to the lack of financial means, but no matter how small they are, you can buy a network that starts with 10,000 pounds.

In this context, “Masrawy” took a field tour in the Al-Sagha area in the Al-Hussein neighborhood, to find out the opinions of merchants about the new prices and how the groom can buy the “Ala ad el eid” network.

The price of gold witnessed a sharp boom, so the price of 21 carat rose and reached 800 pounds, which is the caliber that citizens always accept to buy. At the beginning of our tour, we met Hisham Desouky, the owner of a gold store, who attributed the rise to an increase in its global price.

He told us that many grooms frequent him and buy a ring and a ring for 5 thousand pounds, explaining that the amount of 10 thousand pounds can fulfill the dream of young people in buying a ring, twins and a ring, or two and a ring, or a bracelet and a ring, but if the young man wants to buy a complete set for his bride Its cost may reach 30 thousand pounds, and it consists of a collar, a bracelet, a ring and a ring.

Hisham revealed the difference between the gold carats: 24 carats are not sold in pieces and are in the form of gold bars, and the 21 and 18 forms are made of them.

21 karat is more in the form of guishes and decorated sets, while 18 karat is more suitable for brides, as its forms are thin and suitable for the taste of girls.

And when the gold is studded with cloves, when it is sold, he says that its value does not decrease or decrease by a pound from its price.

He pointed out that there is a misconception that is mixed with me, which is that yellow gold is better than white, saying: There is no difference between them, but this is due to the bride’s taste, so she buys what she prefers more, and it does not differ in price, and its price does not decrease when selling it.

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