Actor is dead


Jerry Douglas
Actor is dead

Mourning for actor Jerry Douglas.

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Jerry Douglas has passed away. The actor, known from the soap opera “Shadows of Passion”, was 88 years old.

Jerry Douglas has passed away. The actor was 88 years old. According to Entertainment Weekly, he died on November 9th after a short illness. Douglas was best known for the role of Patriarch John Abbott in the soap opera “Shadows of Passion”.

First appearance in the series in 1982

Douglas joined the series in March 1982. The actor had his last appearance in “Shadow of Passion”, in the original “The Young and the Restless”, in 2016. In a statement from the producers, the report says: “Our show was lucky enough to have an actor of his caliber in the cast and introduce the audience to the legendary Abbott family. His contribution to the legacy of Y&R as patriarch of the Abbott family, John Abbott, is felt to this day. He is sorely missed. “

Jerry Douglas has also appeared in other TV formats. He also worked as a singer and screenwriter. The TV star leaves behind his wife Kym Douglas and three children.


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