Aceh, Indonesia, public taehyung for adultery man and woman… 17 grits


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A man and a woman having an affair have been publicly flogged in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, which follows Islamic fundamentalism.

According to the Daily Compass on the 11th, a public beating ceremony for an affair man and woman was held in a park in Banda Aceh, northern Sumatra, the day before.

The couple, who were staying in a hotel room in August, were arrested after being reported by residents and were sentenced to three months in prison and 17 public floggings respectively for adultery.

The couple, brought by the religious police, were whipped with rattan by a male executioner and a female by a female executioner.

After beating the teenager, the bailiff had the medical team see if it could be continued.

If the injury is severe, hit the rest of the time after treatment.

Banda Aceh Deputy Mayor Janal Arifin, who witnessed the beating, said, “I hope that all citizens of our region, as well as visitors from outside, will observe and respect Sharia (Islamic customary law).”

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that enforces customary Islamic law, with 98% of its 5 million inhabitants Muslim.

Here, sexual assault crimes, drinking, gambling, adultery, homosexuality, premarital sex, affectionate acts in public places, and obscene behavior are punished with public flogging.

Human rights groups continue to urge Aceh to end public flogging, but the locals are actively supporting it.

Aceh province continues to carry out public flogging while wearing a mask even after the outbreak of the corona virus, and it is better to shorten the period of imprisonment with the execution of flogging rather than the spread of infection due to overcrowding in prisons.

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