A customer who protested “the soup is hot” finally got a ‘sudden’ face on the employee’s face


There was also a lot of interest in an article about an incident in which a customer arguing over soup in an American restaurant poured soup in the face of an employee.

On the 7th local time, a woman who ordered soup delivery from a restaurant in Texas, USA called the store and complained that ‘the soup was too hot, the plastic lid melted’, and ‘plastic seeped into the soup’.

The employee who answered the phone offered a refund and a free coupon to solve the problem, but the woman did not stop swearing and shouting, and finally came to the restaurant with the soup herself.

A woman who was protesting at the restaurant, eventually took out her cell phone and said that she would report it to the police, and threw the soup at the employee’s face.

As the CCTV footage of the restaurant, which had been captured at the time, was released on the Internet, citizens are outraged.

(Screen source: YouTube KCENNews · TikTok deathdealerbg, article source: JoongAng Ilbo)

(SBS New Media Department)


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